A Feature for that a lot of users are waiting for years is parallel insert. Now it is possible to use this engine implemented Feature. Bevor you have to gain parallism using multiple Jobs e.g in a SSIS package. Now you can use this engine implement - this is done automatically. The new Feature you can find at "whats new in SQL 14 Engine" :http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510411%28v=sql.120%29.aspx




The SELECT … INTO statement is improved and can now operate in parallel. The database compatibility level must be at least 110.


Essential is that you switch the compatibility Level. Some tests on my System with 8 cores shows 4-6 times faster than using the single thread insert from SQL 2012 that is bound to the i/o System with about 40-50 MB per second.


So for everyone using SQL Server in my opinion this is a killer Feature concerning most of the frontend application doing a lot of Serial stuff when using insert and waiting until this is finished to move on. At least you will see this in example unsing Shareponint and Content deployment. This might improve by factor 2-8 depending on your Hardware.