By now you may have read about the new Broadcasting features in PowerPoint 2010.  In a nutshell, a user can choose the Broadcast Slide Show from the Slide Show Ribbon in PowerPoint and stream the presentation over the internet.  The recipient(s) of the presentation only needs a supported browser and internet connectivity. 


The real service behind this feature is PowerPoint Web Apps which is part of the new Office Web Apps suite of applications.  Microsoft is going to host the PowerPoint broadcasting service for any customer with a Windows LiveID.  This is great for customers who are connected to the internet but what about those that aren’t, like some of my customers in the Federal space?  There is still hope with the use of Office Web Apps because they can host their own PowerPoint Broadcasting services.  All customers do is configure a PowerPoint Service Application from within Central Administration of their SharePoint 2010 farm (SharePoint Foundation 2010 is the minimum requirement). 


Once the service application is created, users can choose Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint, Change the Broadcast Service, and add the server URL of the the newly create service application. 



Once connected to the broadcast server, they will be provided a URL and the option to Email, Instant Message (I wasn’t signed into Communicator at the time the screenshot was taken), or copy the link for distribution. 


Now security constrained customers or customers with no internet access can take advantage of these new features to streamline presentations.  If you deliver presentations to people outside your office I encourage you to try out these new features once the Office 2010 Public Beta is released next month. 

(Special thanks to BlairB for the SharePoint 2010 CA screenshot!)


UPDATE: I found the following link on TechNet for Deploying Broadcast Slide Shows if you’re interested in the full details.