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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

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  • Blog Post: From End to Edge and Beyond - Book Update

    Hello folks, Today I have two good news about our upcoming Windows Server 2012 Security Book. Last month Deb Shinder joined us as a co-author of this book, she is already producing some great piece of content and we are just very happy to have her onboard. The other good news is that we reached 70% of...
  • Blog Post: Getting Started with Windows Server “8” Beta

    What a great way to start a leap day and see that lots of hours of hard work are now available to public consumption: Windows Server “8” Beta is available for download here .  The new Windows Server “8” Beta page at TechNet Library was also launched: See
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Release Preview Security Features at Microsoft TechNet Library

    Today Microsoft announced the availability of Windows 8 Release Preview as well as Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate . But what I really would like to point it out is the new Documentation around Security Features that we are releasing for this milestone. Check it out this list: Access it from here...
  • Blog Post: Windows Security – From End to Edge and Beyond

    Me and my great friend Tom Shinder are very pleased to announce that we signed a contract with Syngress to write our next book, which will be about Windows 8 Security . This is our greatest project for 2012 and we are very excited about this new partnership with Syngress. If you take a look on Syngress...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Security Guide

    I’m not sure if you notice, but the Windows 8 Security Guide is already available: It comes with the SCM 3.0 Beta (watch this interview for more information on SCM 3.0 Beta) and download it from here . Once you install this tool, browse through the path below and download the DOC file: Note: the Windows...
  • Blog Post: Secure, Scalable and Multi-Tenant Cloud …. no, I’m not dreaming

    Back in 1999 I was working in one of the largest telecom company in Brazil, there I was responsible to maintain the core Windows NT 4 Servers and some of the services running on top of it (such as Exchange 5.5). Some days when I was scanning my badge to get into the datacenter I used to think: geez,...