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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ CSI - Enterprise Mobility Team

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  • Blog Post: It’s here

    I received my copy today directly from MSPress, if you pre ordered yours through Amazon you will be probably receiving yours pretty soon: A collective thanks to all MSPress folks that make this great edition: Martin DelRe, Karen Szall, Carol Vu and Devon Musgrave . You guys rock !!
  • Blog Post: TMG Book recommendation at May 2010 Microsoft Security Newsletter

    The Microsoft Security News letter for this month (May 2010) has a quick note on Forefront TMG Book under Security Events and Trainings section. Besides that there are much more content including some great upcoming webcasts for IT and Security professionals Make sure to check it out at http://technet...
  • Blog Post: Forefront TMG Book – A Teamwork Effort

    The other day I was talking to a friend of mine that asked how it was to work on this TMG Book project and having two more heads to write and one to review, I was like: it was amazing !! The reality is that due each one of us have such unique profile we were able to combine the ideas and create a really...
  • Blog Post: Forefront TMG Book 5 months later…

    Wow, 5 months already passed since the TMG book was released, looks like it was yesterday that me Mohit and Jim started this project back in March 2008. Well, time past really fast….anyway, this is a quick post to talk about our Forefront TMG Book and the great feedback that we are receiving so far from...
  • Blog Post: WFP Filter Conflict Detected Alert after installing Forefront TMG 2010

    As new folks are starting to install Forefront TMG 2010 they are finding out that right after install it they already have an alert on Forefront TMG console similar to the one below: This behavior is documented in the Forefront TMG 2010 Release Notes and says: Windows Filtering Platform...
  • Blog Post: Community Launch: Using Forefront TMG 2010 as a Secure Web Gateway

    Next month I will be again (after one year) at my hometown ( Fortaleza ) in Brazil and will use this opportunity to deliver a presentation about Forefront TMG 2010, the event is sponsor by Microsoft Fortaleza, SecrelNet and CoreSec with the support of the local Microsoft IT community. Prizes (such as...
  • Blog Post: Forefront TMG 2010 Book TOC Revealed

    Microsoft Press revealed last Friday an overview of the Microsoft Forefront Administrator’s Companion Book that includes a brief explanation about the Table of Contents and what we cover throughout the 33 Chapters and 4 appendices. Read the complete post at