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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

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  • Blog Post: On the road again….

    Last week I was on the road with Tom Shinder to present at TechReady (internal Microsoft conference in Seattle) and also to participate in some team meetings in Redmond. We used this opportunity to visit Mark Russinovich at his office and record Episode 25 of From End to Edge and Beyond . We had a great...
  • Blog Post: From End to Edge and Beyond – let’s talk about security?

    Last May 2nd me and Tom started this project as he outlined in this post . We currently have two episodes live : Episode 1 with hosting Jim Harrison as guest and Episode 2 hosting Kevin Saye as Guest . We already recorded Episode 3, where will not have a guest, but we will discuss general security topics...
  • Blog Post: Security Compliance Manager (SCM) 3.0 Beta

    Hello Folks, Last week I was in Redmond for a business trip and I had a chance to record the Episode 22 of From End to Edge and Beyond with Jose Maldonado, Senior Program Manager from Solutions Accelerators Team: This week we will release this great interview at While the interview...
  • Blog Post: Debug Fest

    If you are following this blog since 2008 when I started you probably noticed that troubleshooting is a subject that I love it. Troubleshooting using tools like Perfmon and Windbg is amazing. In my new role at Microsoft I don’t deal with this on the daily basis anymore (like I used to on CSS Forefront...