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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

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  • Blog Post: Private Cloud Security Considerations for Enterprise IT

    Today I’m pleased to announce that we published the latest version of this document. We worked together with Microsoft Consultants and Architects to review our original article and the result is this 80 pages long Considerations Guide. You can download this document from the link below: https://gallery...
  • Blog Post: I’m moving to a Private Cloud, but what about my security controls that are in place?

    Today I received a very interesting question from a coworker about something related to this subject. In a nutshell the question was: I definitely see the value of moving to a private cloud, however today I have lots of tools in place to protect my network (IDS, IPS, etc). What it will happen with these...
  • Blog Post: Presentations at TechED US 2012 now Available

    If you had a chance to go to TechED US this year and you were one of the 300+ attendees that watched one of our presentations I would like to thank you for stop by and choose our session. There are so many things going on at the same time at TechED that we know how hard it is to pick up the right session...
  • Blog Post: March DFW IT Pro: Security Enhancements in Server 2012

    Tom Shinder and I will be speaking at DFW IT PRO Meeting at Microsoft Las Colinas office next week (March 7th). We will be talking about the security enhancements in Windows Server 2012 from the private cloud perspective. The link to register is available here . You can find more information about DFW...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Private Cloud solutions for IT Managers Series - Episode 2 at TechNet Radio

    Today we are releasing part two out of five in this new series called “Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions for IT Managers”. This episode is all about Private Cloud Security. We hope you enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Are you ready to move to Private Cloud?

    Often the question that comes up during my presentations or while talking with customers is: why should I move to a private cloud? Instead of answering this question, we usually show the “evolution of the data center” and how the traditional operational mode that was done in the past is not effective...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Private Cloud solutions for IT Managers Series - Episode 3 and 4 at TechNet Radio

    Hello folks, just a quick update to announce Episode 3 and 4 of this Cloud Solutions Series: Part 3 - Private Cloud Planning   Part 4 - Private Cloud IaaS Stay tuned that next month we will release the last episode, which is about Private Cloud Identity Management. Happy Holidays!
  • Blog Post: Shared Cloud Dallas 2012

    Me and my friend Tom Shinder , along with John Weston will be speaking at Shared Cloud Dallas 2012 in March. Me and Tom will share the stage to talk about Private Cloud Security and we will also use this opportunity to record an special edition of our Security Talk Show – From End to Edge and Beyond...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Private Cloud solutions for IT Managers Series - Episode 5 at TechNet Radio

    Our last Episode of this series is now live at TechNet Radio. On this episode we discuss the importance of Identity Management in a private cloud scenario. Check it out:
  • Blog Post: Understanding Private Cloud Security

    Today ISSA released the ISSA Journal May 2012 issue featuring one article written by me and Tom Shinder. If you are ISSA Member make sure to logon here and access the whole content of this issue. If you want to read our article you can access here . We hope you enjoy !
  • Blog Post: Understanding Private Cloud Security – NAISG Dallas Chapter

    Yesterday me and Tom had a chance to participate in the May meeting of NAISG (National Information Security Group) - Dallas Chapter and we delivered a presentation about Private Cloud Security. First I would like to thanks NAISG Dallas for having us and also to all Security Professionals that were there...
  • Blog Post: To the Cloud with Security as a Wrapper !

    Hello Folks, My last post was 18 days ago when I talked about the Cloud Infrastructure using Windows Server “8” Beta. On the same token I would like to let you know that soon (probably in the next couple of days) we will release Episode 17 of From End to Edge and Beyond where we interviewed Josh Adams...
  • Blog Post: Private Cloud Security

    Yesterday we released a new version of the Private Cloud Security Hub at TechNet Wiki, you can access it from here: The good news with this release is that you can also access the full set of DOCs...
  • Blog Post: Addressing Security Concerns with Automation for a Private Cloud Infrastructure

    Recently in a great partnership with Ed Wilson (The Scripting Guy) we (Tom and I) wrote a series of articles about private cloud security and PowerShell automation in order to assist you addressing some security concerns that I documented on the articles below: Leveraging Windows Server 2012 Capabilities...
  • Blog Post: Follow up from DFW IT PRO Meeting

    Hello Folks, First I would like to thank you all for attending the DFW IT PRO Meeting yesterday (May 3rd) at Microsoft Las Colinas here in Irving, Texas. During our presentation we discussed the Concepts and Implementation of a Private Cloud Infrastructure using Windows Server 2012. As we said, the documentation...
  • Blog Post: Follow up from DFW IT PRO Meeting March 2013

    Yesterday Tom Shinder and I had the opportunity to present at the DFW IT PRO Meeting about Private Cloud Security Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012, the audience was great, very participative and we had an amazing time interacting with them.
  • Blog Post: Private Cloud with System Center 2012 and the Cloud Security Challenges – Part 1

    Introduction If you were at Share Cloud Dallas last month in our presentation about Private Cloud Security you probably remember one topic that we discussed called “Cloud Security Challenges Secondary to Cloud Essential Characteristics”. This series of post that I’m going to write (at least one per week...