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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

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    Today I received a very interesting question from a coworker about something related to this subject. In a nutshell the question was: I definitely see the value of moving to a private cloud, however today I have lots of tools in place to protect my network (IDS, IPS, etc). What it will happen with these...
  • Blog Post: Where is my SMB3 in Network Monitor?

    If you are playing around with SMB3 and is trying to find more details on network traffic using Microsoft Network Monitor you may find out that SMB3 is not on the protocol’s list as shown below: Before moving forward, it is important to emphasize that this behavior is expected . There are a couple of...
  • Blog Post: Identifying Suspicious Activity on your Edge Device – Part 2

    Introduction In the first part of this post I explained the scenario and the initial approach for data gathering, in this second part I’m going to discuss the approach to collect data while the incident is happening. Understanding Data Gathering Process To better understand the information gathering...
  • Blog Post: Side Effect of Wrong Network Configuration on Forefront TMG

    Throughout the years working with ISA and TMG I notice that one of the most challenging configuration for many Admins is to correctly setup the network settings on ISA/TMG. Although we have some great content out there about the subject, such as the An Inside Look into TMG Firewall Networks by Deb Shinder...