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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

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    In May 2011 me and Tom Shinder started to work in a new project called From End to Edge and Beyond a Security Talk Show with Tom Shinder and Yuri Diogenes . In this post Tom explained why we went to this road rather than create different writing initiatives to the community. Writing security content...
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    Last May 2nd me and Tom started this project as he outlined in this post . We currently have two episodes live : Episode 1 with hosting Jim Harrison as guest and Episode 2 hosting Kevin Saye as Guest . We already recorded Episode 3, where will not have a guest, but we will discuss general security topics...
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    Hello Folks, My last post was 18 days ago when I talked about the Cloud Infrastructure using Windows Server “8” Beta. On the same token I would like to let you know that soon (probably in the next couple of days) we will release Episode 17 of From End to Edge and Beyond where we interviewed Josh Adams...
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    Here is a sample of what’s coming on Episode 9 of our Security Talk show: Interviews with: Paulo Oliveira (Microsoft Forefront MVP) – about a recent experience that he had with Windows 7 deployment and security features that his company is using. Rodrigo Immaginario (Microsoft...