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Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

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  • Blog Post: ISA Server triggers lots of 14197 events

    1. Introduction This post is about a scenario where Firewall Administrator notices that the application log in the ISA Server computer is full of events 14197 saying: Event ID 14197 Source Microsoft Web Proxy Type Error Description ISA Server failed to write content to cache file...
  • Blog Post: Fake AV for Windows 8

    Beware of a fake antivirus on the wild that looks like this: (image from MMPC ) Microsoft detects this as Win32/Winwebsec and you can find more info about other variants here .
  • Blog Post: Unable to Access HTTPS Sites behind TMG 2010

    Introduction It could be just another case where we grab some data, look at it and resolve the issue, but it was a long road until we get to the bottom of this. The scenario was quiet simple: clients that were behind TMG couldn’t access HTTPS sites . All other sites using HTTP were working just fine...
  • Blog Post: ISA Server Stop Answering Requests and Firewall Service Hangs

    The problem that this post is going to discuss was related to a random issue where certain times of the day the ISA Server was stopping answering requests and when the firewall administrator tried to restart the firewall service the service didn’t start. The only event that we have prior to the issue...
  • Blog Post: New Trojan Detected

    Last September 29th Microsoft updated the definitions to 1.137.726.0 by adding support detection for the Trojan Win32/Sofilblock.A . At any point in time if you face the screen below do not proceed with payment process. Update your Microsoft antivirus for the latest definition, scan your computer and...