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Yuri Diogenes's Blog

Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

October, 2013

  • DebugDiag V2 is out…go get it!

    When I was in CSS Security Support I used DebugDiag many times and I documented some of those cases here, such as: Using DebugDiag 1.2 to Automate Dump Analysis – TMG High CPU Utilization Scenario We are all waiting for you Mr. Disk….are you there? Just...
  • Announcing new FREE Windows Azure Book for IT PRO

    Hello folks, Today Microsoft Press is releasing a new book about Windows Azure for IT PRO. This is a great resource for you IT PRO that needs to get your basic understanding of Windows Azure or needs to get more information about some of the Azure capabilities...