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Yuri Diogenes's Blog

Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ Microsoft Data Center, Devices & Enterprise Client – CSI (Enterprise Mobility Team)

July, 2013

  • Windows Azure S2S Connectivity Troubleshooting – Call for Collaboration

    Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a Hybrid IT Project using Windows Azure. The Design Considerations for this project is already documented here and probably next week we will be releasing the Implementation Guide for this project which...
  • Port ACL Demonstration

    One topic that I presented at TechEd Europe last week was PortACL but I didn’t have enough time to demonstrate this feature. I recorded the PortACL demo and you can watch on the link below. The scenario that this demo is addressing is the following one...
  • TechEd Europe 2013

    Last week I had a pleasure to be at TechEd Europe in Madrid, it was great! The Architecture Track did very well with great presentations and great scores. In a partnership with Karin Galli (from MS CSS Madrid – Networking Team) we delivered a session...