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Yuri Diogenes's Blog

Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ CSI - Enterprise Mobility Team

March, 2013

  • Follow up from DFW IT PRO Meeting March 2013

    Yesterday Tom Shinder and I had the opportunity to present at the DFW IT PRO Meeting about Private Cloud Security Infrastructure with Windows Server 2012, the audience was great, very participative and we had an amazing time interacting with them. http...
  • Our Agenda for TechEd North America and Europe

    This week my friend Tom Shinder published a post at the Private Cloud Blog talking about our agenda at TechEd North America and Europe. Tom and I are the PM for the Architecture Track. On the External TechEd North America web site you will see as Architecture...
  • Cloud Infrastructure Solution for Enterprise IT

    I’m very pleased to announce that our team just updated our main site and now you will be able to easily find the documents that we produce. Please visit and let us know if you like it. One new document...