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Yuri Diogenes's Blog

Thoughts from a Senior Content Developer @ CSI - Enterprise Mobility Team

October, 2012

  • From End to Edge and Beyond - Book Update

    Hello folks, Today I have two good news about our upcoming Windows Server 2012 Security Book. Last month Deb Shinder joined us as a co-author of this book, she is already producing some great piece of content and we are just very happy to have her onboard...
  • Where is my SMB3 in Network Monitor?

    If you are playing around with SMB3 and is trying to find more details on network traffic using Microsoft Network Monitor you may find out that SMB3 is not on the protocol’s list as shown below: Before moving forward, it is important to emphasize that...
  • Cloud Security Readiness Tool

    Today at RSA Conference in Europe, Microsoft launched the Cloud Security Reediness Tool. Here how it works: Go check it out now at:
  • Automating your Windows Server 2012 Cloud Infrastructure with PowerShell

    Today Josh Adams published at the TechNet Gallery two great set of PowerShell scripts that can help you automating your Windows Server 2012 Cloud Infrastructure. Check it out what each one does: Windows Server 2012 IaaS Build Tables: Step-by-Step with...
  • Windows 8 Security Guide

    I’m not sure if you notice, but the Windows 8 Security Guide is already available: It comes with the SCM 3.0 Beta (watch this interview for more information on SCM 3.0 Beta) and download it from here . Once you install this tool, browse through the path...
  • New Trojan Detected

    Last September 29th Microsoft updated the definitions to 1.137.726.0 by adding support detection for the Trojan Win32/Sofilblock.A . At any point in time if you face the screen below do not proceed with payment process. Update your Microsoft antivirus...