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Yung Chou on Hybrid Cloud

Virtually speaking about witnessing a clear cloudy day

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  • Blog Post: My Presentation at The Univ. of Texas at Arlington

    It is a great pleasure to have an opportunity to meet the wonderful and vibrant student community and speak about cloud computing at UTA on October 8, 2015. I focused on making the point of why cloud and why now, demonstrated with the ability to constructing more
  • Blog Post: Moving Data In, Out and Between Azure Storage Accounts Using AzCopy

    The little script I demoed at IT Camp @Houston. Just Install AzCopy Copy the script as it is Validate source path, destination path and associated Azure storage account access keys. Run it Here is the entire PowerShell script. The source and the destination more
  • Blog Post: Try It Yourself, Application Deployment as a Service with Microsoft Azure PowerShell

    In the last few months, I have taken a few opportunities to talk about deploying an application as a service. This is a subject with many aspects in connecting the concepts of cloud computing, application deployment process and IT operations. I find it more
  • Blog Post: Announcing U.S. TechNet on Tour Events for Fall, 2015

    You are invited to join us for free, interactive events led by Microsoft Technology Evangelists. Cloud is making DR a feasible solution, technically and financially, for companies of all sizes by utilizing a cloud solution provider, i.e. someone else more
  • Blog Post: Try It Yourself – Configure a Point-to-Site VPN Connection to a Virtual Network (3-Part video Series)

    This connection is very easy to understand and implement. Point-to-Site (or P2S) here refers as a connection between a single device (namely a connection point) and an Azure virtual network (vnet) site. A P2S connection requires a subnet defined within more
  • Blog Post: A Memorandum to IT Pros on Imperative vs.Declarative Scripting Models

    One noticeable difference of Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) V2 from Azure IaaS V1 (or classic Azure IaaS as I call it) is the employment of  Azure “Resource Group” templates. A resource group not only is a newly introduced artifact in Azure more
  • Blog Post: Application Deployment as a Service, A Sample Implementation of with Microsoft Azure PowerShell

    This is a lab delivered in the spring of 2015 for Microsoft US IT Camps, Extend Your Datacenter to Azure, which is a whole day event with hands-on experience on deploying and migrating workloads to Azure. This lab is specifically for IT pros to experience more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Pack Express Installation

    This is a project for Microsoft Virtual Academy that I had the pleasure to work with Shri (ShriShriram Natarajan, a Program Manager in Windows Azure Pack team) and had a wonderful time and learned much from him. Windows Azure Pack, one of my favorite more
  • Blog Post: Essentials for Realizing Azure Baseline Costs

    Subscription and Service Limits, Quotas, and Constraints ( This is a must-bookmarked page to find out, for instance: Total cpu cores a subscription can consume The number of endpoints a VM can have. The bandwidth an Azure website more
  • Blog Post: SharePoint in Azure, My Presentation in MVP Open Days

    This is the presentation I delivered in US MVP Open Days 2015. The key difference between on-premises deployment and cloud deployment of SharePoint or any application is the consideration of application fabric, particularly cloud service (or compute) more
  • Blog Post: Another Memorandum to IT Pros on Cloud Computing: Virtualization , Cloud Computing, and Service

    As IT considers and adopts cloud computing, I thought it is crucial to understand the fundamental difference between cloud and virtualization. For many IT pros the questions are where to start and what is the road map from on-premises to cloud, to hybrid more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Azure 102 – Installing and Configuring Azure PowerShell

    In this presentation, screen by screen I walked through the installation and configuration of Azure PowerShell. There are two ways to connect PowerShell with an Azure subscription. One uses Azure Active Directory and the other is with a publish-settings more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Azure 101 (Part 3/3) – Cloud Service and Virtual Machine

    This Azure 101 series presents a set of core competencies of Microsoft Azure for IT professionals and serves as prerequisites ( for attending Microsoft events relevant to Microsoft Azure including: Virtual network Storage account more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Azure 101, Storage Account Essentials

    This Azure 101 series presents a set of core competencies of Microsoft Azure for IT professionals and serves as prerequisites ( for attending Microsoft events relevant to Microsoft Azure including: Virtual network Storage account more
  • Blog Post: Screen-by-Screen Guided Labs for US IT Camps in Spring of 2015

    The following are click-through demos of the hands-on labs included in IT Camps delivered in the spring of 2015. Copies of printed lab instructions are available at event days, while an online version is also at In addition, more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Azure 101, Virtual Network Essentials

    This Azure 101 series presents a set of core competencies of Microsoft Azure for IT professionals including: virtual network, storage, cloud service and virtual machines. In each topic, i walked through the specifics of processes and steps with screen more
  • Blog Post: IT Camp Presentation for the Spring of 2015

    In this wave of deliveries, we demo the methodology to build IT services with Microsoft Azure and migrate on-premises workloads to cloud as well. Filed under: cloud computing, hybrid cloud, iaas, powershell, virtualization, windows, windows azure more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

    No longer is DR a process too complex to implement and too expensive to afford. DR today is a realistic and achievable solution with manageable costs. With Microsoft Azure, IT can now implement relatively easily compared with what it was a few years ago more
  • Blog Post: My Presentations at SharePoint Saturday, Virginia BEach

    Here are the two presentations (Azure AutoScaling and Azure Primer) I did at SharePoint Saturday, Virginia Beach on Jan. 10th, 2015. Filed under: cloud computing, iaas, virtualization, windows azure more
  • Blog Post: Azure Weekly Demo

    Every Friday, there is a short online demo session on Microsoft Azure. You can register for it at It’s very focused and with just a few slides. Here’s my session on Jan. 9th, 2015 on creating a virtual more
  • Blog Post: High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Microsoft Azure

    Both High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) have been essential IT topics. Fundamentally HA is about fault tolerance relevant to the availability of an examined subject like application, database, VMs, etc. While DR roots on the ability to more
  • Blog Post: My presentation at IT Camp: Modernizing Your Infrastructure

    This is a PDF file of my presentation at the event in Microsoft Malvern office on 09/23/2014. I had a great time meeting the folks and delivering the event.Filed under: … Continue reading → more
  • Blog Post: Automating and Managing Hybrid Cloud Environment

    In part 5 of our “Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud”  series, Keith Mayer and I got a chance to discuss and demonstrate ways to manage and automate a hybrid cloud environment. System Center, Microsoft Azure and Windows more
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Pack (WAP) simplified: Prepping OS Image Disks for Gallery Items

    To publish a gallery item in Windows Azure Pack (WAP), the associated OS image disks, i.e. vhd files, must be set according to what in the readme file of a gallery resource package. For those who are not familiar with the operations, this can be a frustrating more
  • Blog Post: Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud – Bringing Docker Online using PowerShell DSC

    Picking up where we last left off, Yung Chou and Keith Mayer continue our Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud series as they welcome Andrew Weiss from Microsoft Consulting Services as they show us how we can manage Docker containers using PowerShell DSC more