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Yung Chou on Hybrid Cloud

Virtually speaking about witnessing a clear cloudy day
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April, 2011

  • Hey, You, Get Off of My Cloud: Cloud Security Primer

    When it comes to cloud security, many times I have heard people simply claim it is not secure, yet fail to give specifics. And consequently all too often a cloud security discussion soon turns into a religious or linguistic debate, instead of focusing...
  • Windows Azure Platform Glossary for IT Pros

    This blog post lists out terms frequently referenced in Windows Azure Platform . They are presented in a hierarchical order based on the context shown in the following schematic. Each term is described concisely with key concept and pertinent information...
  • I Can See Clearly Now: Concept of Cloud Computing

    The first business to understand cloud computing is to know what the term, service , means since it has been used autonomously and extensively to explain cloud technologies. Service in the context of cloud computing means “ capacity on demand ”...