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Yung Chou on Hybrid Cloud

Virtually speaking about witnessing a clear cloudy day
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March, 2011

  • What Is Private Cloud

    If cloud computing is not confusing enough, there is also this so called private cloud. And what is private cloud? I am hoping at this time you have reviewed my Cloud Computing for IT Pros series and have a clear understanding of what a service is and...
  • Cloud Computing Goes Far Beyond Virtualization (Virtualization vs. Private Cloud, Part 1)

    Virtualization vs. private cloud has confused many IT pros. Are they the same? Or different? In what way and how? We have already virtualized most of my computing resources, is a private cloud still relevant to us? These are questions I have been frequently...
  • Chou’s Theories of Cloud Computing: The 5-3-2 Principle

    Notice the 5-3-2 Principle Theory 3 is based on NIST SP 800-145 . However the latter categorizes 4 cloud deployment models including public, private, community and hybrid; at the same time the former states two cloud deployment models while considering...