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July, 2008

  • Screencast Series: Windows Server 2008 Event Subscription with Task Scheduling

    Event subscription is one of the most exciting features in Windows Server 2008 and it is very easy to set up. In the Subscription folder of Event Viewer, with a few mouse clicks and no coding, one can easily configure an event subscription to subscribe...
  • Groove Non-Managed Client

    In Groove infrastructure, there are 2 essential servers, Groove Server 2007 Manager and Groove Server 2007 Relay. The former is where a Groove domain gets created and accounts populated (while the account configurations are actually stored in an associated...
  • Groove Communications

    Groove communicates with Simple Symmetric Transmission Protocol (SSTP) using 2 types of connections. Using phone conversation as an example, when Alice calls bob, if Bob answers the call, they are directly connected. This is logically similar to a...