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June, 2008

  • Groove Server 2007 Relay Installation Screen Flow

    The presented screen flow highlights the overall Groove Server 2007 Relay installation process and operations. It is best used together with the product documents including: Groove System Requirements Getting Started with Groove Server Relay...
  • Groove Server 2007 Relay Installation

    Finally I got some time to finish documenting the screen flow of Groove Server 2007 Relay installation. It is now published and the one for Groove Server 2007 Manager is also available here . Let me know, if you notice any correction is needed.
  • It’s not just V. It’s {Hyper-V}.

    Hyper-V, the virtualization capability comes with Windows Server 2008, is just finally released . The final version number is 18016. This is the complete Hyper-V RTM package for Windows Server 2008 x64. It includes the Hyper-V Server components for Full...
  • IRM-Enabled SharePoint Documents in Groove Workspace

    Windows Server 2008 has Rights Management Services (RMS, which is a server add-on feature) as an installable role and seamlessly integrated into the OS. Further Information Rights Management (IRM, which is the client ability to comply with what is set...
  • Adding Vista Sidebar and Aero to Windows Server 2008 Desktop

    Do the following steps in your target Windows Server 2008 x64 box. To get the sidebar, From a Vista SP1 x64, copy in the content of C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar. And place the folder in the same location. Run sidebar.exe /regserver ...