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May, 2008

  • TechNet Social Bookmarks

    Social bookmark is a simple concept: save and share in Internet your favorite bookmarks which can be filtered by tags you specify.
  • Groove Server 2007 Manager Installation

    The process is fairly straightforward. I have captured the screen flow and make it available here . Groove Server 2007 Relay installation screen flow is published as well.
  • Groove Server 2007 Manager Installation Screen Flow

    The presented screen flow highlights the overall Groove Server 2007 Manager installation process and operations. It is best used together with the product documents including: Groove System Requirements Getting Started with Groove Server Relay...
  • Deployment methods for Office 2008

    Ways to deploy retail and volume license copies of Office 2008 are different. Information on how to deploy Office 2008 is available here . Notice you cannot deploy retail versions of Office across an organization from a central location. To deploy Office...
  • Hyper-V supported hardware

    Many of you attended my launch events seeing the virtualization demos running on Hyper-V of Windows Server 2008 from my HP Compaq 6910P laptop wrote me showing a strong interest to try it yourselves. To run Hyper-V, you want to first make sure your hardware...
  • Windows Server 2008 Event Subscription with Task Scheduling

    A follow-up of this posting with screencast is available. Event subscription has been one of the most requested server features by sys admins. Combined with task scheduling, this is a cost-effective and customizable tool to get a consolidated view of...