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April, 2008

  • Open XML File Formats as an International Standard, Finally

    Yes, it is happening. Ecma Office Open XML Document Format appears to win approval as an ISO/IEC Standard. And ISO and IEC have approved Office Open XML document format standard . Open XML offers great opportunities in the areas of file and data management...
  • Answers to Some of Frequently Asked Questions on Groove

    I have recently met many with the same questions on Groove and thought here to share my answers. If you woudl like to know more technical information about Groove, recommend starting with my TechNet article, J Get into the Groove: Solutions for...
  • 24 Hours of Windows Server 2008 Webcast Series

    Our team has been delivering Windows Server 2008 content and the following is a list of April’s webcasts. I recommend your reviewing of them as part of a daily or weekly training routine to bring your understanding of the features and capabilities offered...
  • Office 2007 Deployment Project Plan

    Office 2007 Deployment project template is available for download from here or 1. Download, install, and bring up Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit . 2. Go to Documentation and click Office Deployment icon. 3. Click Office Project Plan.mpp.
  • Windows Server 2008 Lunch Event Resources

    For those who attended my launch events. Here’s the resource page. I suggest pick and choose 2 or 3 from each area and get an overview of the capabilities delivered by Windows Server 2008. { What’s New in Windows Server 2008 } HEROES happen {here...