Windows Server 2003 RTM

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2

In the System event log, you might notice the following information:

Type: Information
Time: HH:MM:SS
Event ID: 26
Source: Application Popup
User: N/A
Computer: <Computer Name>
Application popup: Windows - Low On Registry Space : The system has reached the maximum size allowed for
the system part of the registry.
Additional storage requests will be ignored.


The way that I would start troubleshooting is the following:

1) In Perfmon, you might want to do the following:

Add System > % Registry Quota In Use > __________

Check to see what the maximum value it is.

Add Memory > Pool Paged Bytes > ___________

Check to see what the maximum value it is.

2) Check the sizes of the registry hives in:


Security ____ MB

Software ____ MB

System ____ MB

Default ____ MB

C:\Documents and Settings\

Default User ____ MB

LocalService ____ MB

NetworkService ____ MB

User Profiles # ____

Each individual User Profile sizes ____ MB (Sometimes the median and biggest size can be enough).

3) Please make sure that you don’t have the following registry key set:



124594 Understanding and configuring Registry Size Limit (RSL)

4) If you don’t have the registry key set, install the latest UPHClean in .


32-bit UPHClean v2.0 build (beta)

After installing UPHClean, set the following registry key:


Stop and Restart the UPHClean Service.

5)  If you still have problems, the information that you gathered in step 2 might guide you to an application or service or driver that is not unloading the registry keys.


Hopefully this will help you narrow down the cause of the warning.


System Error Codes (500-999)

2.2 Win32 Error Codes