About The troubleshooters and problem solvers...


About The troubleshooters and problem solvers...

Hello everyone,

My background:

I was a Senior Support Escalation Engineer for the Windows Server Core (Setup/Cluster/Virtualization/Performance) team out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

I’ve posted few blogs on AskCore blog and ASKPerf Blog before.

If you are interested on what different Support Professionals and Escalation Engineers do, please check these job descriptions:

AskCore-We Are Hiring!" and "Escalation Engineer - WE ARE HIRING"


I’m a Windows Server and Windows Client Premier Field Engineer (PFE) as of 2010, when I moved to Los Angeles, California. 

What is a PFE you ask?  A PFE is a resource that goes on-site to teach, help with best practices and troubleshoot issues.

For those interested on learning more about Microsoft Premier Services Support.

For the IT Administrators or Engineers, please take a look at the following couple of links, of what a PFE does:

"A Week in the Life of a Premier Field Engineer" or if you are a large enterprise company "A Week in the Life of a Dedicated Support Engineer"

For those of you that are looking for a job, a colleague of mine wrote a great post on "How to become a Premier Field Engineer (PFE)"

If you are a Premier customer, I might see you on-site in the near future.

Happy surfing,