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  • Outlook, Public folders and "Your Exchange admin made a change..."

    Recently, I was at a customer who had end users experiencing the much familiar " Your Administrator has made a change. Please restart your outlook" prompt. There could be various reasons why this could happen but what intrigued me in this particular instant...
  • LegacyDN and X500

    Being someone who did not have a chance to work with Exchange prior to Exchange 2003, there are aspects of Exchange, even today, that seem to stem from back in time, some that I don't fully understand in terms of how do they play and why. On that list...
  • Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer (MCA)

    Its been some time that administrators wanted a tool similar to the Exchange Remote connectivity Analyzer (EXRCA) to check for connectivity issues internally within their environment. Well, guess what? There is one available now, ready for you to download...
  • So What's changed in Exchange 2013?

    So What's changed in Exchange 2013?