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Windows Search 4 coming to WU

Windows Search 4 coming to WU

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Hello folks,

I am finally back from a long vacation, hopefully everyone is doing alright. Since there has been a lot of movement in the blog, I also wanted to bring to your attention the post that the MU folks have just added to their blog which relates to the availability of Windows Search 4. As a reminder, this update will not automatically install on WSUS clients. Windows users will either see it as an "Optional" or "Recommended" update depending on the version you are running.

Thank you.

Cecilia Cole | WSUS Program Manager

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    says it was released to WSUS yesterday, but there is no.


    If granted on WSUS it will only UPDATE (XP) system that have 3.x installed ? Or also INSTALL to systems that have NO WDS installed ?

  • Now we're waiting for Windows Installer 4.5 to be avaible on WU :-)

  • You use the phrase "not automatically install"  does this mean it will be an update available to WSUS but just not be pushed as a changed update?  Or do you mean that we will not be able to push this update at all with WSUS?

  • @Nathan

    This means it will not auto-approved, downloaded and

    and not autoinstalled on cliens without your action.

    (Cause such happened with WDS 3.01 and this pulled down system performance of lots of systems)

    Generally the question is: WS 4 will be offered by WSUS to systems which have already WDS 2.x and 3.x only,

    or to all systems (that are approved to install) is still unknown.

  • This is just an heads up in case you missed the announcement, but Windows Search 4 is coming to Windows

  • Suggestion: On the one hand, offer WS4 as Feature Pack (within a new category), just like you did with Silverlight. That way, it will only be auto-approved if somebody's been frisky enough to enabled this for Feature Packs. On the other hand, publish another update in the existing Windows XY categories that'll (only) update existing installations of WDS.

    These two steps allow admins to keep their current systems up-to-date without any additional efforts and to selectively deploy WS4 on new system as well.

  • Publish another update in the existing.

  • Because of this and the previous Windows Search fiasco, I have disabled all automatic approvals in every category.  I want to review every stinking one in every stinking category.  Who knows what type of automatic update is coming to a WSUS server near you and what "critical" means or even "security" these days.  

    WGA?  Security?  Critical?  Nice to have?  Hate it?

    The forthcoming Microsoft toolbar that blocks bad pop-ups?  Security?  Critical?  Deploy that one to all of your desktops...  

  • So when should we see this as an option in WSUS?  Currently I'm not seeing it anywhere in the management console.

  • Updates from August Patchday arrived on WSUS.

    But still NO WS 4 !

  • Like mentioned in the post, It *will not* be offered to WSUS because of the incident WDS caused last year. If you need/want it, you need to proactively get it from MU, that is what the post is saying.

    Maybe at a later time  it will be but the WSUS team is making sure that the WDS is all safe and sound before it comes down their pipe, which is the expected behavior considering all the pain and suffering caused last year by having it in WSUS.

  • That makes no sense, since Outlook 2007 pretty much requires Windows Search.  Desktop Search 3 is unavailable in WSUS.  So you are not giving an managers an easy solution to deploy to 500+ machines???

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  • Use the MU catalog people, that is what it was made for!

  • @JC

    yes that works, but unfortunally not as "update" only.

    So for Vista, no problem cause already have WDS 3.

    But if you want to update Only existings wds on XP,

    you will have no luck, cause i will install on XP/W2K3,

    even no older version is installed.

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