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A fix for Client/Server Synchronization Issues

A fix for Client/Server Synchronization Issues

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Hi all,


We have released a fix for the synchronization issues that Cecilia described in For details on how to obtain the update, please refer to


If you are installing the update on Server 2008, you need to install the update with elevated privileges or else install will fail. E.g., you can run it from a command prompt that was launched with "Run as administrator”.

We have now addressed this matter by replacing the original cab'ed MSP with a an exe-wrapped version of the original MSP to avoid this extra step.


The update does not support uninstall or have an entry in Add/Remove Programs. But one can verify the update has been installed by checking that the version of  Microsoft.UpdateServices.WebServices.Client.Dll (in %Program Files%\Update Services\WebServices\ClientWebService\bin\) is 3.1.6001.66 (it will be 65 if the update has not been applied).


While this update is only available on Download Center today, we are working on making it available through the WU/WSUS pipeline and hope to have that done as soon as possible.



Marc Shepard

WSUS Lead Program Manager

  • Tried to download this patch, but it seems to have disappeared from MS Download site.  Is that a glitch or was there an issue with the patch and I have to wait a bit longer for it to appear again?

  • Here is how I fixed it. I downgraded to Windows Server 2003, as previously mentioned. Then I uninstalled WSUS 3.0 and reinstalled it. Only this time, in the wizard I opted for the custom site with the http://servername:8530. When it asked about using the Default Website or creating the custom site, this was the option I chose; even though there is no other site on the server. This was contrary to the practice that was described in the Microsoft installation guide. Therefore, the GPO i created pointed the clients to the url stated above.  It is a good thing that I downgraded this server to 2k3 also because there is a problem with Server 2008 in a non-server 2008 domain environment, after this server has been promoted to DC status. We have servers that meet this criteria at our branch offices. So, when i tried to install WSUS downstream servers at the branch offices I get an IUSR error. The built in IUSR groups were not found. This directed my to a Microsoft link that provided a script. The script didnt do anything and the article on that fix really needs some more details on the process of running the script and resolving the problem in general.

  • What's going on with this update ? Why it is not available anymore for downloading ?

  • This patch is failing for me also except i'm using the 32 bit version.  I get msiexec error code 1603.  

    Property(C): Privileged = 1

    Property(C): USERNAME = ******

    Property(C): COMPANYNAME = ******

    Property(C): Installed = 2008/01/23 21:14:38

    Property(C): DATABASE = c:\WINDOWS\Installer\8aca2.msi

    Property(C): OriginalDatabase = c:\WINDOWS\Installer\8aca2.msi

    Property(C): UILevel = 3

    Property(C): QFEUpgrade = 2

    Property(C): ACTION = INSTALL

    === Logging stopped: 8/13/2008  14:43:19 ===

    MSI (c) (90:4C) [14:43:19:431]: Product: Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1 - Update '{288B5E1C-79F5-4EEE-8C9E-998BE68F472F}' could not be installed. Error code 1603. Additional information is available in the log file c:\log.txt.

    MSI (c) (90:4C) [14:43:19:446]: Product: Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1 -- Configuration failed.

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  • I am also getting the 1603 message.

  • Install of this hotfix miserably fails, both via WSUS and manually...

  • I also get error 1603. The patch has been out for 20 days now. Are you guys working on a fix?

    I have the verbose log if that helps.

  • Same problem here:

    Product: Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1 - Update '{288B5E1C-79F5-4EEE-8C9E-998BE68F472F}' could not be installed. Error code 1603.

  • I'm running WSUS 3 SP1 on a 2003 Enterprise box...and guess what, I get the same problem:

    Product: Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1 - Update '{288B5E1C-79F5-4EEE-8C9E-998BE68F472F}' could not be installed. Error code 1603.

  • Yeah,,, 1603.  This patch does not work.  Does the WSUS team know any work around?

  • This fixed this error for me.  I migrated my SQL instance from a local SQLEXpress to SQL 2005.  These registry changes needed to be applied.

    Check the registry for the key

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup

    1. change the value of "wYukonInstalled" to 0x0

    2. verify that "SqlInstanceIsRemote" = 0x0.

  • No such registry keys here... W2003 R2 SP2 x64

  • Thanks The Hurt. It solved the problem for me.

  • Thanks The Hurt. It solved the problem for me too.

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