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More news regarding WSUS 3.0 SP1 on Windows Update

More news regarding WSUS 3.0 SP1 on Windows Update

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Following up on last week’s entry, WSUS 3.0 SP1 will be available today, Tuesday, March 25 to WSUS, Windows Update site and Catalog site. The Service Pack will gradually be released through the Automatic Update pipeline starting about 14 days after this date to WSUS servers or machines just running the WSUS 3.0 Administration Console connected directly to WU/MU via AU.  It should be noted that Vista’s Windows Update Control Panel Applet or WUA may allow you to install the update earlier. This can be done within WUA via the first screen and elect to download and install pre-selected updates.


For more information on WSUS 3.0 SP1, please refer to KB 948014.

Thank you!



  • Hi,

    we're trying to deploy the new GP-Preferences CSE through WSUS (KB943729).

    The update seemed to install fine, but it wouldn't apply our new GP-Preferences. (on an XP-SP2 machine)

    When I manually installed the GP-P update, I got an error about KB914783 (XmlLite) not being installed. However, I cannot find this update on WSUS or the Update catalog.

    Is it possible to deploy KB914783 through WSUS and shouldn't WSUS have a pre-requisite link for it?

  • Update: the actual KB for the XmlLite update is KB915865.

    Which I can't find on WSUS either.

  • The update to WSUS 3.1 has not resolved a complaint/wishlist for a modification to the reporting design and/or criteria.

    A report that returned or displayed only updates which are approved for the specific group the report is run against would be very useful.

    In particular, if an update has been approved for "GROUPA" (a group for servers) but not approved for "GROUPB" (a group for workstations), I do not want to see "needed" updates for "GROUPB" that were not approved. Rather I only want to view the updates specifically approved for this group.

    As of right now, if an update is not declined (making the update unavailable for install... PERIOD) the update is listed in the reports for each computer group even if the report is not approved.  This means I need to look at all 300 computers in a group to determine if the update is needed.  This seems like a complete waste of my time.

    If the WSUS team could make this modification or correction would be much appreciated by the majority of other WSUS admins including myself.


    Scott C.

  • echo'ing what Scott said.  Automating patch installs is great....but it's half the battle.  If reporting doesn't get better soon, I cannot continue to use the product.  Currently, all my reports are skewed so I cannot get an accurate count of what is actually installed.  The funny thing is WSUS 2.0 was much better at this.

  • Is the xmllite issue going to be resolved soon? WSUS becomes useless if you can't push the CSE update out.

    I tried adding the ZUNE package from both WSUS and searched for xmlLite and downloaded from catalog but stations report back "not applicable".  I am going to need to use heidelbergit vbs script to push this out to 1400 workstations.  Thanks to heidelbergit for making this available.

    Come on WSUS team - fix this please!

  • A more direct link to the script.

  • I've found the XmlLite update on the Update Catalog and imported it. However, it seems I can't push this update to any client ...

  • Yup.  You get a useless "not applicable" message.

    I wish I could find the details on how to add a "hotfix" manually.  The patch files setup fine when run manually. It is the xmlLite prereq that is breaking this.

  • I'm in the same boat as some of you above. I need to deploy XMLLite, but can't seem to with WSUS 3.01 SP1 as it shows up "not applicable" even though I imported it from the download catalog.

    This isn't making GPP CSE deployment very easy. The CSEs should have included it as part of their own installer.

  • I started using the e-mail notifications feature.  I used to only synchronize manually so I could keep track of when updates were made available.  This feature allows me to passively wait until I get an e-mail telling me that new updates are available.  This is a great feature, but I have noticed that I am geting e-mail telling me of a new update, when in fact, the update has been expired.  For example, I was notified on Tueday of the 4 Office Genuine Advantage Notifications and I was again notified on Saturday, but Saturday's notification was actually the expiration of the updates.

  • We've recently newly installed WSUS 3.0 SP1 on a Win2K3 SP2 server. The following groups were setup: Servers, Workstations, IT Workstations. Approvals were set to automatically approve for the groups Servers and IT Workstations. Computers were added to the respective groups and to our surprise we started getting calls from people who's computers were in the Workstations group about getting prompted for reboots due to updates. Looking into it, it appears that updates were being approved for the Workstations group even though they were explicitly left out of the Automatic Approvals policy. Anybody else see this or have any ideas what happened?

  • Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) als automatisches Update

  • after upgrading to SP1, all clients getting updates from replica servers are getting the svchost/msi issue.  today, we made all our replica servers primary servers in hopes this will clear it up.  please tell me something useful about why this would come back.  we have been running WSUS 3.o for a year and have never had a problem.

  • Doug - I've seen the same thing on one of ours.

    I ran the clean up wizard in WSUS on the replicas then on the client machines:

    net stop wuauserv

    rmdir /s /q %windir%\softwaredistribution

    net start wuauserv

    That seems to have fixed it - client cpu drops to normal.

  • Has there been any progress or resolution on the XMLLite for Windows XP (KB915865) WSUS issue?  I've got thousands of machines to push the new Group Policy Preferences CSE's update to and can't because my client machines do not have XMLLite for Windows XP (KB915865) installed.



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