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Deploying Vista SP1 into a WSUS 3.0 Server

Deploying Vista SP1 into a WSUS 3.0 Server

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Good morning folks!


I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that on 03/18 , Windows Vista SP1 was made available for Windows Vista systems in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.


For WSUS users, the Standalone Package of the Service Pack and its prerequisites will be available on the MU Catalog Tuesday March 25 but before that, there are a few things to take into consideration:


-      This process applies to WSUS 3.0 RTM and SP1 servers only.

-      If you are running your WSUS server on a Windows 2003 Server, you will first need to download and install the WinTrustVerify update (KB 938759) on that server.


Procedure for importing the Vista SP1 standalone package into a WSUS 3.0 server


1.                  Make sure KB 938759 has been installed on the server. If it has not been installed, the subsequent steps to import of Vista SP1 will fail.

2.                  Open the WSUS Administrator console, then expand the Update Services node, then the node for the WSUS Server.

3.                  Right-click the Updates node and select “Import Updates” which will open the Microsoft Update Catalog web site in a new browser window.

4.                  In the Microsoft Update Catalog site, search for “Vista SP1” and click Search.

5.                  In the Microsoft Update Catalog results, choose the option to "Add" the following packages into the download basket:

6.                  To import the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Standalone packages, Add “Windows Vista Service Pack 1 – Standalone (x86)” and/or “Windows Vista Service Pack 1 – Standalone (x64)

7.                  Once the packages are selected, click the ‘View basket’ option.

8.                  Confirm the selections then click “Import” to import the selected packages and any prerequisites into the WSUS Server.  Once complete, click "Close" to close the Import Progress window and close the Microsoft Update Catalog site in the browser.

9.                  In the Windows Service Update Services administrator console, confirm the appropriate packages and prerequisites are available.



Note: for details on the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 1 Standalone versions, please read the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Deployment Guide.


To learn about know caveats when upgrading to Windows Vista Service Pack 1, please read KB 948343.

Also, for more details on this release, check out the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 TechNet site.


Please, note that even though this update is only available on the MU catalog site now, it will eventually be released to WSUS as a Service Pack, so it will flow to WSUS servers at a future date. Details on how this will work will be provided in an upcoming KB.


Thank you.


Cecilia Cole

WSUS Program Manager

  • Just an FYI in case you missed Cecilia's announcement over on the WSUS Product Team Blog :  Vista

  • IT Pros & WSUS admins, We are excited about Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and the benefits it provides

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  • I download the Vista sp1 patch, and put it on the server the server does not see the patch.  

  • I can not upgrade to WSUS 3.0/3.1 since they dont support Windows 2000. I have a working WSUS server

  • Hi everyone, Quick update on Windows Vista SP1’s availability to WSUS. As I mentioned


  • Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) als automatisches Update

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  • Ürün çok güzel kullanalım bakalım.

  • Microsoft Update Catalog site, therefore these steps do not apply to thats particulars WSUS release thanks

  • WSUS server at a future date. Detail on how this will works will be provideds in an upcomings very nice thanks

  • Windows Vista system in English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkey thanks you very nice

  • Confirms the selection then click “Import” to import the selecteds package and any prerequisite into the WSUS Servers thanks you very nice

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