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A Note regarding KB935509

A Note regarding KB935509

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WSUS Admins, Happy New Year!!


I wanted to provide some guidance on the prerequisite update (KB935509) for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 because it’s a little different than the typical content we release.  You may have read about on the Windows Vista team blog


This update, which will be released on Tuesday, is a prerequisite for installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 on Windows Vista Ultimate and Enterprise editions.   Even if you don't plan on installing the service pack for awhile, you may still want to test and deploy this update.  Not only does it make improvements to the boot loader, but it's also required prior to installing the two upcoming prerequisites for SP1.  The two upcoming prerequisites will have an updated installer technology which will increase performance and reduce failures for the installation of updates, which are great improvements to make even if you choose to wait to deploy SP1. 


Deploying this update and one of the upcoming prerequisites will also eliminate one reboot once you are ready to deploy SP1, which will be available in the first quarter of 2008. In fact, we're distributing the update during this Tuesday's release  in an effort to reduce customer pain associated with multiple reboots.


To learn more about this specific update, see KB article number  KB935509.


One more thing, remember that you can find information on the content released through Windows Update and Microsoft Update from the following site:

 Thank you!

 Cecilia Cole

WSUS Program Manager

  • KB935509 constantly fails for me too. I also have a dual-boot system of windows and Ubuntu. What's going on??

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  • I am trying to install this update for two weeks. Still didn't find solution how to do this. I have just one system Windows Ultimate x32, but update failed to install.

  • same here... using windows Vista Ultimate x32 and dual boot with XP. Both OS are installed on two partitions but within same HD

  • KB935509 Updates fails to install also on my machine. Thinkpad T60p with a Linux and a Windows Vista partition. The only machine (out of 134 workstations) with Windows Vista - I know why we don't migrate to that operating system.

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    very very nic

    thank you

  • Windows Update and Microsoft Update from the following site:

  • I'm having the same issue with this update not installing on my x86 Ultimate box. It gets as far as the "Configuring updates" screen, then reboots, then does "Configuring updates" again, then I lot in and find it failed installation.

  • I have the have problem. My desktop has dual boot also. I will activated the partition with windows Vista. So it will boot windows vista direct. It may work.

  • However on reboot, a review of the update history shows the updates failed thanks you very nice

  • My desktops has dual boots also. I will activateds the partitions with windows Vista very nice

  • Subsequents Windows Update show the 7 failed update availables thank

  • I runs dual displays on boths machine and both have the thanks you

  • The only machines (out of 134 workstations) withs Windows Vista - I knows why we don't migrates to that operating system wonderful

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