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WDS update revision follow - up

WDS update revision follow - up

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Hi Folks - 

I wanted to get back to you with more information and guidance around the Windows Desktop Search (WDS) issue and the results of our investigation today.   

As you know, Windows Desktop Search was published last February 07, as an optional update that was only applicable to systems which had WDS previously installed. Then on Tuesday of this week we revised that update package to be applicable (but still optional) to Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1+ systems which did not have WDS installed. Unfortunately, in revising this update, the decision to re-use the same update package had unintended consequences to our WSUS customers.  Namely many of you who had approved the initial update package for a limited number of machines, had Tuesdays' WDS revision 105 automatically install on all clients because of the expanded applicability scope and because by default, WSUS is set to automatically approve update revisions.  We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused and extend a sincere apology to all impacted customers.

For those of you who want to uninstall the WDS update revision released Tuesday of this week, this can be done via

1.  Add/remove programs

2. Invoking spunisnts: %windir%\$NtUninstallKB917013$\spuninst\spuninst.exe /q /promptrestart

3. Using System Restore on Windows XP (not available on Windows Server 2003). This option will leave some software on the machine, but the invocation effectively removes WDS 3.01.  This should only be used for conditions where the /noback switch was used.

I want you to know we are working now to correct the issue and have temporarily suspended the distribution of the Windows Desktop Search through WSUS.  The current package will remain available through the Microsoft Download Center. We will make a new package available for WSUS in the near future, but not as an update revision, so that you can rely on predictable update behavior with auto-approval settings.   We are also working on improving our internal publishing processes to ensure this does not happen again in the future. 

Again, our sincere apologies for this publishing process error. 

Bobbie Harder

Program Manager, WSUS


  • If you'd rather than your machines don't reboot, you can use the /norestart switch rather than the /promptrestart.  This is untested, to my knowledge, and there's always a small risk when you install or uninstall something that requires a reboot and you delay that reboot.

    If you want to make sure that your machine reboots, /forcerestart is your friend.

  • Bobbie / Team

    You have really shot my confidence on allowing revisons to previously approved updates to be automatically approved. How can we (WSUS Admins) be assured that this won't happen again in the future?

  • When will be the day Microsoft will come out with a bug free product, not over charged the customers and stop sneaking into people's PCs without their permission nor knowledge? Under the normal situation, this amounts to illegal entry (if into someone's house - be arrested by the police).

  • By these standards, SP3 is an update to SP2.  In fact, isn't SP3 an update to Windows XP?  So Microsoft doesn't need our permission at all to install it.

    This is really stretching the interpretation of "revision to an update" way past the breaking point.

    But in my case, WDS 2.6.5 for XP and for W2K3 was "Not Approved."  WDS 3.1 for both was specifically declined.  There is not a single WDS related approval on my WSUS so this is not simply a re-interpretation of the rules.  This is breaking the rules.

  • @Bill

    Re-read the post.  They made a "mistake" that had unintended consequences.  Not nafarious.  Not maliscious. The consequence is not a problem.  And, its easily rectified (if you so choose).

    You're fantasy-land of sneakers and illegal entry is laughable.

    There isnt a better Operating System on the market, but you're welcome to go try your luck elsewhere, unless you do, stop spewing ignorant, paranoid vitrol.

  • In the WSUS I disallowed it to install, now I see I can't approve it anymore wich is great.

    But why isn't there an option to remove it though WSUS?

    I now have the problem that I can't remove it thoughout my domain. Normal users can't uninstall software... So now what?

    How long do I have to wait for MS to solve this problem and make a proper uninstall option? This is no sollution.

    Some users complain of very very very slow systems. I can't uninstall it manually on all those systems.

  • Yes, there is a better operating system.  It's called Linux.

  • Okay class let's review....

  • That's a nice way to increase the no. of people using WDS :-)

  • Okay class let's review....

  • Linux is not a superior operating system, you basement-dwelling fool.

  • When we uninstalla WDS with script, users quick launch is getting off. How we deal with that?

  • The blog entry still implies that we had somehow previously approved an earlier version of Desktop Search, which is why it was pushed out this time as a 'vevision'.  (I can somewhat understand this scenario, even though it's a new version of WDS.)

    However, I had *never* approved any version of Desktop Search in WSUS (which I verified after all this mess happened).  So I'm left at a loss as to why it was distributed.

  • I have the same experience, no version of WDS was ever approved here yet all of a sudden 3.1 gets installed all over the place.

    Also, why is it installed on servers? Clearly it's a desktop product.

  • This post takes a bunch of sting out of the problem.  A sincere appology which is appreciated.  The throbbing headache, of course, is still there...

    I'm hoping you can release an 'uninstall WDS' update shortly.  You're able to do this for malicious software - not that WDS is normally, but in this case something similar is warranted.

    I would still point out that the initial 3.0.1 update was not set to Install on my WSUS 2 server.  The 2.x updates were set to install.  But I'm not sure how 3.0.1 initial update was happy as decline while second update inheritied 2.x settings?

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