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WSUS 3 Developer's Blog - API samples... (part 2) 3 more scripts coming

WSUS 3 Developer's Blog - API samples... (part 2) 3 more scripts coming

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Sorry it's a bit of a slow process - but we're still trying to trickle out more API examples based on scenario requests from customers and ISVs.

3 more scripts will be up sometime today, including:

  • Importing your AD group structure as target groups.
  • Show list of computers needing reboots
  • A basic report on only updates that have been approved. You can do things like scheduling this report via "Scheduled Tasks," and archive the reports on a regular basis.  We've also gathered data over time, and used Excel to show trending graphs.  If you're interested in some tips/tricks on displaying reports within Excel, comment here and we'll share our experience.


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  • Hey

    Great work you guys ....

    I will like to ask

    We run wsus 3.0 for alot of customer

    an they run our image of windows xp sp 2

    we wants to give the customer a login to our  wsus server ( report )

    so they can take a look on there safety.

    is there a way to make sure they only can run a report from there computer groups.. because we dont wants them to see our other companye on the server...

    Thanks in advance

  • forgot to say we segment our customer by group policy


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