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Updates for WSUS available today

Updates for WSUS available today

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Hi Folks-

Just wanted to let you know - today is the day two updates will be available to you to assist in your management and deployment of WSUS 3.0.

First ,we are making an update available for WSUS 2.0 SP1, which will create a 3.0 "self update tree" on your WSUS 2.0 /SP1 servers.  The self-update tree update contains the code for the WSUS 3.0 client.  That means, once this update is approved and installed on your WSUS 2.0 SP1 server, 2.0 clients "mapped" to that server will be "self updated" to the 3.0 client the next time the client 'checks in' with the WSUS 2.0 SP1 server.  The server remains WSUS 2.0 SP1, while the clients are able to update themselves from the server, to the 3.0 version.   We did this to ensure customers had a distributable method to update their clients and realize  new performance optimizations, but still manage the plan and timing to upgrade the servers to WSUS 3.0.  This update is classified as a critical update for all server categories on which WSUS 2.0 SP1 is supported, with the exception of SBS R2.

Additionally, WSUS 3.0 will available via WSUS today, classified as an "update" and targeted at Windows 2003 SP1 for WSUS 2.0, WSUS 2.0 SP1 products.  There will be 2 updates since 3.0 now natively supports x64bit. They are:

Windows Server Update Services 3.0 (KB935524)
Windows Server Update Services 3.0 for x64-based Systems (KB935524)


Again, this update will be classified as an “update” targeted at Windows 2003 SP1 for WSUS 2.0 and WSUS 2.0 SP1.   Also the update will be used to upgrade WSUS 3.0 RC to RTM on the Windows 2003 server. 


Hope this helps and happy updating!


-Bobbie Harder


  • [Today's tip comes to us courtesy of Mark Stanfill] WSUS 3.0 is being offered today as an update for

  • Any news on being able to distribute KB927891 v3 via WSUS?

  • KB927891 is also available via WSUS from today.

    Please sync WSUS server and you should be able to see the update for Windows XP/2003 platforms.

  • I have SBS R2 with SP2 applied, why will it not be classified as critical for R2?

  • Because Cody..that's a big update to automagically let it apply.  YOU can install it manually.

    The reason is Cody those of us who have been manually installing it on our SBS boxes haven't had it install 100% all of the time and the fact that the install bundle doesn't include the report viewer.

    I personally didn't want it.  I want YOU to install it when YOU want to not when MU or WSUS wants you to.

  • Because. Because Microsoft listened. Because Microsoft responded when a bunch of us Partners said "We're

  • 1. The Windows Server Update Services 3.0 installation package is available 2. Updates for WSUS available

  • Ping back: SBS, WSUS 2, Windows XP & the SVCHost Issue...

    We have been fortunate in that a lot of our clients have not been hit by the WSUS-MSI-SVCHost issue. Essentially, the CPU hits 100% ...

  • Today Microsoft released three important WSUS updates you should be aware of. See this post on the official

  • how do we authorize the new client in wsus 2.0 sp1? i don't see any update or patch, or is it automatic?


  • For those of us running WSUS on Win2K servers (plan to upgrade 2nd 1/2 this yr), can/will we install the update that creates  the 3.0 self-update tree, since I can't upgrade to 3.0 on Win2K?

  • Where is this KB935524?  Can someone explain why Microsoft has nothing on this and why this blog talks about the patch but nothing?

  • Typical Microsoft….  2.0 was working great.  3.0 is released Oooo all of a sudden svchost.exe is taken 100% of the CPU resources.  O well what can you do but go with the flow.

    I like the site, it helped!!!!!

  • The 3.0 upgrade for previous versions of WSUS is being posted to the WSUS catalog today. So, once you complete your next sync, you should have it as an option. From the WSUS Team Blog: Just wanted to let you know - today is the day two updates will be

  • So I'm not sure if  I understand this, I see this in WSUS 2.0, but is it a sp1 client update? or is it ver. 3?  the kb says do d/l version 3 -- but so far i have the server itself run that approved patch, and it installs fine, but when looking at the logs it still recognizes it as 2007-05-23 13:25:25 1032 79c Agent  * WU client version  instead of what suppose to be 7.x ...any clues?

    Windows Server Update Services 2.0 SP1 Client Update (KB936301)

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