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Svchost /MSI issue follow up:

Svchost /MSI issue follow up:

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Hi Folks –


Just want to make sure you know we are actively following up on the comments posted on the svchost/msi issue.   We are working on reproducing the reported performance issues on various systems in our labs.  We will keep you posted as to the findings.


I also want to provide some clarification with install instructions for both the new client and the MSI fix, as well as upcoming available automatic distribution options, and the performance expectations after the MSI fix and new client are installed.


Build 0374 AU client/ WSUS 3.0 client:

While we are engaged in a world-wide deployment of the new AU client (build .0374), this staged deployment is occurring in a wave which we expect to complete by early June.  This means that for AU users, the new client bits will just automatically self update when visiting the site before mid –June, and for WSUS users, you will be able to download the bits after 5/22/2007 (or upgrade to WSUS 3.0 now).


To make the client available earlier vs. waiting for the duration of  the world-wide roll-out, we released the client in a ‘stand-alone’ form which you can download from the Download Center now.    The version of the client is 0374 – and  can be installed directly from:



Further instructions can be found in


Please verify on your systems, the client version here is:  <windows dir>\system32\wuaueng.dll is 7.0.6000.374



KB927891/MSI fix:

To make sure you have the latest MSI fix in  KB927891,  make sure your MSI.dll  binary version for supported platforms are exactly as documented under files in: .


This MSI fix will be available via MU/WU (and there by WSUS) by late May early June.


Expected results:  It’s important to note that with the MSI fix and the new client installed,  the CPU may still go near 100%, but the system should still be responsive and not lock up.  If another task requires CPU cycles they will be shared, but if the system is idle, MSI will use the full cycles available.  If a task is running at the same time as MSI, the system may be slightly slower,  but should still be responsive during this time.  Key to remember the MSI fix and the new client address  unresponsive or locked systems.  CPU spikes during some scans are expected, machine unresponsiveness is not. If your watching the process monitor, you will still see 100% CPU during some scans and this is expected behavior.


Next steps for problem systems:  

 If, after checking these installations, and reviewing expected behavior, iyou are still experiencing this issue and have a system which we can remote into, or obtain logs from,  for further investigation, please contact me directly at  The windowsupdate.log from the system experiencing the performance issue would be helpful information as well as full system description of hardware, platform and additional programs installed and running.


Thank you,

Bobbie Harder


  • Once again I&#39;ll

  • Some users are having issues with svchost.exe / msi. The Hotfix+WSUS 3.0 works to some users (see here

  • Has anyone at Microsoft actually READ kb927891 recently?

    *ALL* the information in that kb article is out of date: file date, file time, version number, release date, are all wrong.

    The kb article refers to version TWO, which is obsolete. The current file on Microsoft's servers is version THREE and is dated Mon, 23 Apr 2007.

    How can I check the correct version of msi.dll if Microsoft's own kb is incorrect?


  • In regards to James_A's post, we have the additional problem that we had already previously downloaded and deployed the -public- KB927891-v2.  Now, with KB927891-v3, how are we supposed to verify installation?  Add/Remove programs shows the old version installed, and HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3\KB927891 does not show the updated filelist information for the v3 update.  It still shows the v2 info even though the actual files do seem to be updated.

  • Hi Folks In addition to the next week’s WSUS 3.0 release, we are making the new client portion available

  • KB927891 is being updated currently. The binary versions are:

    3.1.4000.4042 – WS03 x86 and 64  SP1and SP2

    3.1.4000.4039 – XPSP2

  • Hello,

    I have a question, whats wrong with WUA,

    We patch at our company about 2000 clients with SMS.

    What we found out is following:

    If we patch a client with only installed XP OS + SP2 (MUI) it takes for about 63 patches 25min

    If we patch a client that has installed XP OS + SP" (MUI + Office 2003 + SP2 (MUI) than the patch time goes

    up to 2 hours.

    Whats wrong with WUA used by ITMUv3

    We have WUAv3 + Hotfix  KB927891v3 + SMS (SP3) installed

    the only thing with the new ITMU fixes is now, that the computer stays responsive, this is good, but what happens to the time?

  • Hi everybody... I'm an italian Help Desk Technician. I have these problems about svchost issue. I try to fix using wuaueng.dll (7.0.6000.374) and KB927891 (v3) in windows XP client syncronized with a WSUS 2.0 installed in a Windows 2003 Server SP2.

    The response is the same:


    Expected results:  It’s important to note that with the MSI fix and the new client installed,  the CPU may still go near 100%, but the system should still be responsive and not lock up.


    But the fix is not working with Windows 2000 Prof. SP4 RollUp Client? Can you help me?



  • Judging by the newsgroups, the problem with long update scan times is related to the presence of Office 2003, rather than any other version of Office, just as Robert reports above.

    It has also been suggested that the size of the DataStore.edb file might be a factor - can anyone confirm this?  What is a reasonable size for this file on a fully patched XP SP2 plus Office 2003 system?  I have one PC with a DataStore.edb file which is over 49MB in size - is this reasonable, or bloated?

    It is not clear whether the patches being suggested in this blog entry address either of these particular issues (Office 2003, size of DataStore.edb), or whether they are just general speed-ups.

  • I ran into this problem yesterday at a client. I found a great resource and wanted to pass it on.

  • Jeff,

    Hey dope-head, you are a goober. That does NOT work. Just use the MS hotfix.


  • Jeff,

    Sorry for my previous comment.

    I meant to call you a DUFUS!!!!


  • Microsoft released updated versions of Windows Installer 3.1 to fix a problem that could cause Windows

  • Microsoft released Xbox Elite with HDMI. SWEET!

  • IBM T43 system rebuild, w/ Office 2003, using Microsoft Update caused this.  Installed patch  KB927891 with no improvements.

    Solution that worked for me:  

    1- Go to Microsoft Update and under Change Setting, Disable Microsfot Update software.

    2- Update Windows through Windows Update

    3- Update Office through Office Update (multiple passes)

    4- Reboot (not sure if necessary)

    5- Activate Microsoft Update upgrade through Windows Update site

    6- Works now, less than 3 minutes at mostly 100% CPU for update checks.  

    Before it would just hang the machine totally.

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