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WSUS 3.0 Released Monday, April 30th 2007

WSUS 3.0 Released Monday, April 30th 2007

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We are thrilled to announce that WSUS 3.0 has released today April 30th and
is avaialble now on the Microsoft Download Center.
Full information, documentation, samples and links to the bits can be found

We will release WSUS  3.0 via WU/MU  (as an update to WSUS 2.0) on May 23rd.
As the next generation,  WSUS 3.0 brings new features and capabilites
dedicated to making deployment and update management simple yet powerful.
Just a few things new for WSUS 3.0 are:

Straightforward Installment
· In place upgrade over 2.0
· New configuration wizard to guide setup and configuration

Improved Administrative Experience
· New MMC based powerful UI (can also be installed as a remote console on
clients (e.g. XP) & host multiple WSUS servers in one console
· Custom views and results filtering
· Report Viewer only admin group
· Integrated "in-context" reporting
· Clean up wizard for management of stale clients/content & built in email
· Reporting rollup support
· Multiple, granular auto-approval rule options
· Enhanced Target group concepts including hierarchies for approval
inheritance or block, and overlapping target group membership support

Flexible Deployment Options to improve Branch Office support
· Support for language sub-setting on downstream replica servers
· Independent replica content source options (MU or Upstream Server)
· Optional Peer-cashing capability
· Synchronization up to every hour (vs. 1xday)

Performance Enhancements and Operational Reliability
· 50% improvement in reporting performance - report viewers only admin group
· Native support for x64 platform
· Network Load Balancing & SQL cluster support
· MOM management Pack for proactive alerts on server health

More Content Access and On-demand client synch:
· Easy access to drivers and hot fixes
· Personalization to make the MU Catalog customized to your downloading
· Client 'synch me now' quick check-in/download support of pending approved
updates from WSUS or needed updates from Microsoft Update

WSUS 3.0 RC will be supported until May 31st 2007 - WSUS 3.0 supports
direct upgrade of WSUS 2.0 SP1 and WSUS 3.0 RC.

The WSUS 3.0 MOM pack should be available to the MOM catalog next week


Bobbie Harder
Program Manager, WSUS

This posting is provided "As Is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at

  • This is great news! Is there any documentation of what was changed from RC to RTM for those of us running RC so we can take a look, or was RC feature complete? :)

  • I have tried to upgrade my WSUS 3.0 RC to RTM on (2) different servers now, and have gotten the following message:

    "Windows Server Update Services 3.0 could not be installed. For more information, see the Setup log "C:\DOCUME~1\huffmt\LOCALS~1\Temp\1\WSUSSetup.log"."

    The log file says,:

    2007-04-30 22:20:50  Success   MWUSSetup          Validating pre-requisites...

    2007-04-30 22:21:02  Success   MWUSSetup          Creating database backup...

    2007-04-30 22:21:02  Error     MWUSSetup          ExecuteQuery: Failed to execute SQL query BACKUP DATABASE SUSDB to DISK=N'F:\WSUS\SUSDB.bak' (Error 0x80040E14)

    2007-04-30 22:21:02  Error     MWUSSetup          ExecuteQueryGetNoResults: Failed to execute query BACKUP DATABASE SUSDB to DISK=N'%s' (Error 0x80040E14)

    2007-04-30 22:21:02  Error     MWUSSetup          BackupDatabase: Failed to backup database (Error 0x80040E14)

    2007-04-30 22:21:02  Error     MWUSSetup          CUpgradeDriver::PerformSetup: Failed to backup database (Error 0x80040E14)

    2007-04-30 22:21:02  Error     MWUSSetup          CSetupDriver::LaunchSetup: Setup failed (Error 0x80040E14)

    Any ideas?  I did not mind uninstalling and performing a new install on the first downstream server, but I really do not want to this on the master / upstream server and woould rather upgrade.

  • Shouldn't the install check for MMC3 installed on the Server?  I was still using MMC2 and I get the "strange" error about the .msc not being able to run or permission errors.    You are going to get lots of "WTF" calls regarding this.  

  • I'm getting the error as Michael. Any way to fix this?

  • The MMC-snap in of WSUS 3.0, when I review an update, hangs and I have to end the process and re-launch.  This happens every time I get the property of an update.  Yikes!

  • Not a real big deal, but the "uninstall" of WSUS 2.0 doesn't remove the WSUS Administration Website from IIS.  "By design"?

  • My above issue was resolved today with the assitance of Fei from Microsoft.  It masked itself as a permissions issue.  As soon as I gave Authenitcated Users full control of the drive where the WSUS install wanted to do the db backup (by default this is the drive with most free space) the upgrade from 3.0 RC to 3.0 RTM went smooth as glass.

    The final cause of my issue was described by Microsoft as this: "The wYukon (the db instance you used) sql service runs as network service. And the authenticated user group in your machine for which network service role belongs to somehow doesn't have full permission to the backup folder.  "

    Just to clarify, I was not using SQL Server 2005, but the Windows Internal Database, which as I understand it is also know as SQL Server Express 2005 (the replacement to MSDE)

  • Does WSUS 3.0 contain WUA (Windows Update Agent) 3.0? I've read that I need version 3.0 of the agent/client to go with the svchost hotfix to completely solve the bug, as the hotfix alone doesn't work (yeah good one MS, how much time of mine have you wasted with your faulty fixes and buggy update client).

  • I noticed that it's possible to have replica servers get their content from either the upstream server or from Microsoft Update.

    Does this mean I can configure my branch office WSUS 3.0 server to get its metadata and administration from the upstream server, but download the large amounts of data directly from Microsoft?  

    Basically, I don't want to transfer anything but the metadata and reporting data over my WAN link, and I want the branch's WSUS server itself (not the individual clients) to get the updates from Microsoft.

    Is this possible?  If so, how?  The only related information I can find in the documentation says that I can have the WSUS clients at my branch download direct from Microsoft.  That doesn't really help me bandwidth-wise, because I'd rather have the branch's server just download once from the Internet and get managed by the upstream server at our headquarters.

  • 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

  • Can the MMC snap-in be installed on a Win2K machine?

  • Will other language versions also be released on May 23rd?

  • I checked to see if I had KB927891 (the additional update needed besides WSUS 3.0 when it is released) to fix this svchost issue, and my WSUS server does not.  I went and checked the "updates" option to download just regular Microsoft "updates" that are not security related issues (since KB927891 says it is a reliability issue) and re-synchornized my WSUS server with MS and STILL did not get this update.  Anyone know why this update, which is dated 5/7/2007, is not available to be pushed out through WSUS yet?

  • Very nice, very nice.

    Seemless upgrade from 2.0

    The new interface and reporting features are awesome!

    Thank you for making my life easier...

  • So far what I have used is Great but there is 2 things i would really like to see added

    One. I would like to see the option for WOL, wake on lan, if the system is off

    Two. Under the computers pages i would like to see an option to add a column for computer make and computer model. This would allow me to search by computer model

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