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KB 931836 classification reminder

KB 931836 classification reminder

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Hi WSUS Admins - Just a reminder, the DST update made available to your WSUS servers today (KB931836) is classified as an update rollup so AU and SMS/ITMU pick it up too.  For WSUS that means, you'll want to make sure either to modify your auto approval rules (if you use them), or remember to approve this update manually. 

 Also, for any of you laggerts out there still using (let's see if i still remember how to spell it), ...... SUS, the update will be available since we were able for SUS, to classify it appropriately for pickup (critical).   

As I posted Friday, remember the 931836 update plays nicely with any previous DST updates released earlier you may have installed. 


thnks - Bobbie


  • I got the notification from my WSUS about the new update but I could not find KB931836.  KB929120 is listed there however for some reasons.

  • Same here.

    Although, KB929120 is now marked expired.


  • I found it. The updates are not critical or security. They are 'update rollups'.


  • I read in one of the early DST KB articles that at some point in the future the DST patch would be marked critical.  Does anyone know if that is still the plan?  Would certainly make life easier.


  • Please - is there any way to add the 2000 patch to WSUS!!!

  • In addition to a blog posting for the DST update, someone should mention updates

    Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1

    Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions Service Pack 1

    (both released 1/29/07)

    These two updates alone are about 4GB worth of download!

    I haven't seen the RC for the new WSUS release but I hope it in some way shows sizes of individual updates

  • Charlie - What 2000 patch, I thought MS stated they where not releasing one?

  • My server is setup to only download security and critical patches.  Is there any way to get this patch for WSUS to distribute without having to enable all update rollups??  This could be a royal pain.  Is there a chance this could be rereleased critical?

  • You mentioned above that SUS would be updated with this patch but I cant see it as yet.

    Am I jumping the gun?

  • Charlie.  I have seen a webcast on updating Windows 2000 machines.  They wont be releasing it through SUS/WSUS but you can update your machines via a startup script in a Group Policy.  See this article

  • With extended HF support the 2000 patch is available.  However - WSUS does not have a way to insert the patch into its DB....

  • I included "update rollups" in my synchronization settings and I am still not getting this update. Is there any other way to get it into wsus?

  • Could be that , is there but you have to approve it. I just did the same thing and it was there but the date was 2.13.07 not 2.07.07 when it was originally released.

  • What a crock!  You pay $4000 for a patch (KB931836 for W2K) and you can't use the tools provided by M$ to deploy?  Nice :(

  • FYI for those not seeing KB931836 in WSUS...

    I opened a ticket with Microsoft because I had changed my synchronization settings to accept  Update Rollups and still did not see the patch.

    The response I got was that it could "Take a while" before my WSUS server received it.  Seems their servers are getting hit a lot lately =)

    Sure enough TWO DAYS LATER, my WSUS server has the patch.  

    So, I guess the answer to those that have properly set up their WSUS server to accept Update Rollups is: Patience....

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