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WSUS 3.0 Release Candidate now available!

WSUS 3.0 Release Candidate now available!

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The WSUS 3.0 product team is pleased to announce the availability of WSUS 3.0 RC, published this morning at 9:00am.  The WSUS 3.0 RC is available from

WSUS 3.0 RC delivers new features that enable admins to more easily manage
and deploy updates across the organization.  New features in WSUS 3.0 include a new MMC -based UI with advanced filtering and reporting, improved performance and operational reliability, flexible deployment options to improve branch office support, and more content access throught the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

If you have participated in the WSUS B2 program, you will not be required to re-register, but can access the bits and information directly from your "My participation" link.  If you are just trying out WSUS 3.0 RC for the first time,  you will find the WSUS RC release listed at the bottom of available connections on the main Connect site after signing in with either a Passport or Live account.  After filling out the brief registration, (which helps us know  more about the profile of customers and their environments which an have interest in WSUS), you will be able to access the program and download the bits and documentation from the downloads link.

Take WSUS 3.0 RC for a test drive and give us your feedback either via the peer and product=-team supported newsgroups, or direcly file a bug via the Connect feedback page and attach WSUS log files.

Look forward to your thoughts and thank you for trying the WSUS 3.0 RC beta release!

The WSUS 3.0 team

  • I'm behind a proxy server too. My solution:

    proxycfg -p <Proxyserver:Port>

    after that it works fine.

  • I am not behind a proxy.. I tried the proxycf -u and it had no change.. It still will not connect.

  • Anymore thoughts on why this is not connecting to the MS server to get the updates?

  • I am behind a proxy and i am experiencing the following synchronisation error:

    The upsteram server experienced an unexpected error.  Please try again at a later time.

    Does anyone have a fix for this?

  • Uncheck the product 'Office 2007' and sync again, that fixed it for me.

  • Thanks....that worked a treat!

  • Ok the WSUS RC is up and running....

    it has synchronized with MS

    but there is no client ..... what happens?????

    in Beta2 all clients where visable :-(

  • Have you set the location of where WSUS is in Group Policy?  ie which server and port  http://[servername]:8530

  • I should have had the hindsight to put the database on a different partition (can't remember if it gave me the choice) but now I can't figure out how to move the SUS 3 database to another drive.

  • Ok the Client worked with WSUS 2 and WSUS 3 Beta

    now there is no Client visable

    I think it's a Server problem

    here is the Eventlog from WSUS

    Quelle Kategorie Ereignis Benutzer Computer Beschreibung

    Windows Server Update Service Clients 13042 Nicht zutref. WSUS Selbstupdate funktioniert nicht.

    Windows Server Update Service Clients 13051 Nicht zutref. WSUS 51Kein Clientcomputer hat jemals eine Verbindung mit dem Server hergestellt.

    Windows Server Update Service Web Services 12002 Nicht zutref. WSUS Der Berichterstattungswebdienst funktioniert nicht.

    Windows Server Update Service Web Services 12032 Nicht zutref. WSUS Der Serversynchronisierungs-Webdienst funktioniert nicht.

    Windows Server Update Service Web Services 12022 Nicht zutref. WSUS Der Clientwebdienst funktioniert nicht.

    Windows Server Update Service Web Services 12042 Nicht zutref. WSUS Der SimpleAuth-Webdienst funktioniert nicht.

    Windows Server Update Service Web Services 12052 Nicht zutref. WSUS Der DSS-Authentifizierungswebdienst funktioniert nicht.

  • Will the Beta2 be upgradeable to the final release?  Is there anyway to move to the RC without rebuilding from scratch?

  • Still not clear on Vista Support - does WSUS RC1 support Vista RTM products? I believe this was an issue in Beta 2

  • Will we be able to upgrade to the RTM of WSUS 3.0 from RC1?  I would love to upgrade my WSUS 2.0 to 3.0 RC1 only if I dont have to pull and uninstall/reinstall fro the RTM.


  • Has the RC download been pulled from I can't seem to find WSUS mentioned anywhere!

  • Agreed - I'm not seeing it either...

    Methinks that's not a good sign.

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