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Intelligent Message Filter for Exchange Server 2003: Release cycle begins on the 17th of this month

Intelligent Message Filter for Exchange Server 2003: Release cycle begins on the 17th of this month

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I thought I blogged about this already but I failed on that. So here it is. Exchange 2003 IMF updates where paused for the month of December and will restart on the 17th of this month.

The last published is 11/30/2006

Scott Roberts (Exchange SE)



  • Phew! I was wondering why we hadn't had an update since Nov - I thought something had broken.

    Good news.

  • Scott Roberts posted the following two posts over on WSUS Product Team Blog and seeing that you might...

  • It's been very frustrating.  I am getting a lot of user complaints about spam getting through.  Christmas is a very active time for spammers and to have MS take a break for almost 2 months on this update is, well, sorry to say it...poor.  I am a big MS supporter however IMF updates are critical.  And if I am not mistaken, when first introduced the promise was to have updates every 2 weeks.

  • Why are you guys being so lazy?!

  • This couldn't come sooner for us.  Somehow, we made it through December (and then some) unscathed... until yesterday.  Yesterday, everyone received about 15-20 in their inboxes (SCL of 0), which is quite a surprise when we're used to nearly none.  The volume itself is more annoying than disruptive at this point, but the number of email complaints I received personally--"Why is this happening?" "Is our filter still on?" etc.--were quite disruptive for me personally.  So, if only for selfish reasons... please don't delay! :)

    We rely on IMF, and it has worked thus far surprisingly well.  It sure beats paying Postini or MessageLabs for what would only be a rather insignficant improvement over what IMF provides, once the settings are tweaked.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    I have taken the comments and trying to get others convinced.

    Scott Roberts (Exchange)

  • The junk mail reporting tool ( ) says if you report a spam it's processed immediatly and on hosted exchange services you are covered next day against that spam. And on your own exchange you have to wait a month for the IMF update.  How this could happen? I'm sure hosted exchange services use the same IMF that retail exchange uses, so they update the IMF daily. Why isn't this daily (or at least weekly) updated IMF becomes available for everyone?

  • Does that mean that we should see the update on Jan 17th or is there a grace period that I should wait for until I become concerned that my exchange server is not updating IMF?

  • Scott,  

    Thanks for being involved at's good to know someone actually reads this.

    Well in Australia it's late on the 18th here, which means it's actually past the time you said in the US and I still don't have an update.  How long before it filters this way?

    You didn't pick up on my comments earlier where I mentioned that the IMF updates were promised twice per months...and there's no way they are coming that often.  Has that changed?

    To Ryan...mate your post echos my experience and actually the reason I found this place...I was looking for answers as to why no updates.  I had exactly the same problems you had on exactly the same day.

    To Imo...I wonder why hosted Exchange and, for that fact, Hotmail/Live are protected on a daily basis.  Me, I'd be more than happy to get daily IMF updates!  Anything to help my users (and me).

    Thanks again Scott...

  • Echoing the post above, but...

    Are you saying that work has started on the 17th with a published IMF update due in the next two weeks, or that we can expect to receive an update on the 17th (yesterday)?


    Chris Mawdsley

  • To Cam and Ryan, same happened for us, loads of zero SCL spam got through on the 16th. Thankfully thats been it so far. Every person I walked past that day thought I had broken something.... gee thanks users, where's the faith?


    Exchange team - when can we expect updates?

  • 18th in the UK and no update


    Reinstalled the whole of SP2 before I found this blog thinking it was our system.

    Oh well

  • It is now the 18th in the U.S., too.  No IMF updates yet.  :-( What happened to the "every 2 weeks" release cycle for IMF updates.  I have customers that depend on the IMF.  Will the same thing happen with E2K7 Content Filter updates?

  • 18th here in the US and no update. What a joke.

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