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MSXML cateogory revision

MSXML cateogory revision

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Hi Folks -  Wanted to let you know about a change in categories, under which the MSXML update in MS06-071 was published.  This is different from what i posted earlier and was a last minute change.  The MSRC blog ( details the change as well as provides additional information on the availability to SUS. 

Some of you have reported you are not seeing WSUS display the relationship between MS06-071 and the update it replaces MS06-061.  Because the updates were published associated to two seperate product categories, that relationship does not appear in WSUS from the November release.   However, MS06-061 will be re-published associated to the Windows category as MS06-071 in an upcoming future release.  At that time the relationship between the 2 updates will appear as expected.  thnks - Bobbie

  • Looks like there is a problem with the following two HotFixes: KB927977 (MSXML 6.0 RTM Security Update) & KB927977 (MSXML 4.0 SP2 Security Update).

    Both update's leave there temporary directory on the root drive (C:\) after installing and rebooting the pc.

    Please fix this...

  • I noticed that with the latest MBSA release (2.01) a new version of the Windows Update Agent has been released, and in turn is now required for use with the MBSA tool. Thus, my office is currently researching ways to distribute the latest WU Agent in a simple fashion. WSUS can download and distribute the WU Agent, but our server only seems to have version 2607 of the update agent. MBSA 2.01 requires Update Agent version 2694 which only seems to be available via stand-alone install.

    So my questions are:

    1. How does WSUS acquire the latest Windows Update agent? Is this process started manually? Is it logged somewhere?

    2. Has the WSUS-distributable version of the Windows Update Agent been released? Maybe I'm just spinning my wheels looking for something that's not even out there yet.

    Thanks for any help you can offer, and let me know if I can clarify my issue in any way.


    Matt Bearup

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  • Some of you have reporteds you are not seeing WSUS display the relationships between MS06-071 and the updates it replaces MS06-061. thanks

  • This is differents from what i posteds earlier and was a last minutes change wonderful

  • At that time the relationships between the 2 update will appear as expecteds very nice

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  • This is differents from what i posteds earlier and was a last minutes change wonderful

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