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SQL Server 2005 SP1 update in WSUS

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Hi Folks;  Got a lot of feedback today on the size of the SQL Server 2005 SP1 update released to WSUS 5/23.  Most folks were reporting approx 6.7GB download size.   After digging into this issue we found there was an issue with the metadata where the per language filters were failing to be 'caught'.   So as many of you have reported, regardless of what language filters you had selected in the WSUS synchronization options, you still synched the entire package for all languages. This did not repro in our pre-publication testing which was why it's taken all day to determine the reason.

I'm sure most of you would have appreciated having a heads up with respect to the overall size of the update coming down the pipe so you could adjust your synch and auto-approval options accordingly. Had I known this was the overall size you would have certainly recieved that heads up!  While I published the info on the SP1 coming to the WSUS TechCenter content page, the size was incorrect &  for just one update in the package - and not the overall update. That will be corrected.  The size for teh overall package is ~ 6.7 GBs, your language selections will reduce that size (for example English only will be ~ 1.8 GB).   We have revised the update with corrected metadata and are republishing tonight. The revision is only to the metadata, so if you have synched the files for the update, they will not synch again.  Likewise, if you have installed the SP on any clients, there is no need to reinstall as there have been no binary changes.

thnks - Bobbie


  • Hi,

    Our WSUS is just started downloading the above mentioned 6.7GB updates. Is there any way I can force the server to discard it and restart the ~1.8GB English update? I have restarted the services and even the server but it always comes back trying to finish the 6.7GB download. We don't have much bandwidth to spare for the unnecessary downloads. I would be grateful if someone can show me a way to solve this. Thank you.

  • LOL @ "Teh Package"

  • BITS is still trying to transfer the files.

    /PURGE is an invalid parameter.
    We are running the WSUS on a Windows 2000 Server.

  • The WSUS team made a boo-boo it seems, and the recent release of SQL 2005 SP1 to WSUS ignored language filters.

    You can read about it here:

  • Is there any way to remove this update from the Sync package, as we are getting tight on space?

  • Hi guys,

    the easiest way to stop the download is to decline the update until the problem is fixed only then approve it for download.


  • Any update on this?

    I am still missing the 6.8Gb on our server! I can see all these 22 files in my content directory, even after the update...

    George J.

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  • " you could adjust your synch and auto-approval options accordingly"

    The whole point of an auto approval system is that things get auto approved , ie no user interaction! Saying that you just need to modify this and adjust that .... What's the point? With the Geniune Advantage fiasco, I have no confidence in trusting any updates from Microsoft. Auto Approval is now firmly OFF.

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