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WSUS 3.0: Developers' Blog: MMC & WSUS (Part 1)

WSUS 3.0: Developers' Blog: MMC & WSUS (Part 1)

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As promised, some thoughts on one of the key technologies used in the next version of WSUS's UI.  I'll try to key the titles with "Developers' Blog" - you can skip over the "color commentary" if you just want "How do I use WSUS" and "What's coming?"  I'm pointedly trying to avoid revealing new features - Bobbie gets to do that sort of thing.

When we started working on plans for WSUS 3.0, the development team had a choice to make.  Did we continue the HTML administration site, or make a break and go to something Win32 based? 

On the plus side for HTML, we had a great looking site (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) and administering a remote server was no additional development effort. 

On the downside: we had Javascript to support; XML generation; the HTML itself was so dynamic that WYSIWYG editors weren't much help; and none had readily available end-to-end compilers that helped us debug data transformations.  By the time we went from C# to XML to HTML and Javascript - a single bad code change was really hard to find.  This set of technologies were also responsible for performance issues as customers scaled up their deployments.  Using the existing UI, the administrator's view of the server was "stateless."  Every time you navigated to a different page, we had to generate everything from scratch.  You couldn't benefit from querying a list of updates on the server - then refer back to them later on.  Sort the list of updates? We had to query the server again for the updates, sort them, generate the XML, transform the XML to HTML... You get the idea... Changes in the dev team also meant we'd lost a lot of the great expertise in the existing technologies.  The developer responsible for much of the fantastic "look & feel" of the WSUS 3 UI is from the original dev team - you'll have him to thank for a tool that looks good beyond being functional.

So... Win32. 

(To Be Continued...  Hey, I've got code to write.  MMS is just around the corner, you know.  We're trying to avoid sending the presenter with a bunch of cardboard cut-outs and a sock puppet.  Send us feedback - Bobbie says you like to hear from developers, so here I am.)



  • I was interested to hear that WSUS 3.0 (or should that be WSUS 2.0/SUS 3.0?  You've got that whole Rambo thing going on with your version numbers...) was moving away from a Web interface.  On one hand the WSUS interface is a million times better than SUS, but there are still obvious issues with it, mostly notably performance as you mention.

    However, it's not just the UI where we're seeing performance issues.  We get regular issues with the API timing out (System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Timeout expired), even on a decent spec server.  The server in question supports around 7000 machines, which is well under the guideline limit of 10000.  I'd be interested to hear about what improvements WSUS 3.0 (or SP1 for WSUS, for that matter) might bring in this area.


  • PLEASE make it so that you can do replica, but the replica can download updates from MS Update instead of from the parent.  I have many branch offices.  We don't want to have them come back to the parent to get their updates - only for the approval.

  • I do the stats on and just wanted to let you know that the April 20th post on WSUS 3.0: Developers' Blog: MMC & WSUS (Part 1) was in the top 5 most accessed posts on for the month of April.  It had 158 requests in 10 days on techedbloggers alone!

  • I want to use WSUS server repository in a way similar to Windows update site. It means that I want to allow my user select on it's computer some non-critical (not automatically set to be installed) updates and install tham if needed.

    It is possible now to select many update categories to be download by WSUS. Usually it is set to install automatically critical updates. We can select to download many additional updates. Not Only critical. But it is not possible for customer select manually what updates to install from optional updates.

  • Aww...  So much for the hope of a cross platform and potentialy mobile ready way to admin the next WSUS  :(

    On the brighter side, I'm sure it will be quite a bit faster leaner, and more efficient on the server.  Schlemiel seems to run around quite frequently within the current product.

  • Ah! Thank you! finally an mmc plugin. WSUSAdmin is just _so_ dead slow: It takes literaly 20 minutes to approve 20 updates. (i've clocked it.)

    As for cross platform operation: I'm waiting for a web enabled mmc.  

    I'd simply login to the webserver have a standard mmc web application that can load all the plugins that the win32 mmc counterpart does. Authentication can be ntlm based, and if it's coded properly any browser/os could be used for administration.

  • With a true MMC, does that mean that remote administration across non-trusted domains and firewalls no longer functions?  Or does WSUS3 introduce a MMC similar to IIS7 which does HTTPs protocol and is firewall friendly?


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  • Or does WSUS3 introduces a MMC similars to IIS7 which does HTTPs protocols and is firewalls friendly thanks you very nice

  • I'd simply login's to the webservers have a standards mmc very good

  • It is possibles now to selects many updates categories to be download by WSUS very nice

  • Windows updates site. It means that I want to allows my user selects on it's computers thanks you very much

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