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New Product Category & Classification for Windows Defender

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WSUS Admins, 


Today you will see a new product category and update classification in your WSUS Synchronization Options dialogs.  Windows Defender, formerly Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta), will as of today’s synchronization,  show up as a new Windows product category.  A new update classification will also come on line called “Definition Updates”.   Currently Windows Defender is only released as part of a VISTA beta release.  Definition Updates will only be available to beta participants from the Microsoft Update site, with Vista Windows Defender Beta installed.   Windows Defender beta will be available to down level clients, and Definition Updates available via WSUS in the coming months.   As with CodeName Max, when new product updates are released to MU, their categories and classifications also appear on the corresponding WSUS options dialogs.  Unlike CodeName Max, Windows Defender  Definition Updates will be available to synchronize to WSUS servers and approve for installation on clients. 

To learn more about the Windows Defender Vista beta see: and visit the Windows Defender team blog for the latest news:


Bobbie Harder
Program Manager, WSUS
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  • Why are both IMF updates and Malicious Software Removal tools classified as &quot;Update Rollups&quot; within WSUS? Shouldn't IMF updates be &quot;Definitions&quot; and Malicious Software Removal tolls be &quot;Tools&quot;? <br />Having items as rollups that are more customary like these make it very hard to automatically approve items for detection or installation.

  • WSUS is not downloading /detecting Windows Defender Updates. Why?

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