The two DirectAccess test lab guides (TLGs) to demonstrate DirectAccess and DirectAccess with Network Access Protection (NAP) have been updated to support the new Base Configuration test lab.

The new structure and dependencies of these three documents can be best shown in the following figure.

  1.  You start with the Base Configuration test lab, which configures an intranet and simulated Internet with a standard set of servers and a client computer.
  2. Then, you configure the DirectAccess test lab, in which you demonstrate DirectAccess functionality from simulated Internet and Homenet subnets.
  3. Then, you configure the DirectAccess with NAP test lab, in which you demonstrate NAP health evaluation and enforcement functionality for DirectAccess.

The new Base Configuration TLG acts as the foundation to other TLGs that are now modular in nature and designed to be layered to demonstrate larger, multi-technology or product solutions.


Take a look.


Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Documentation Team