The new Step By Step Guide: Troubleshoot DirectAccess in a Test Lab leverages the DirectAccess test lab configuration described in the Step By Step Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess in a Test Lab and teaches you how to troubleshoot Windows Server 2008 R2-based DirectAccess problems in a controlled environment. 

The following are the goals of this new document:

              Briefly describe the key troubleshooting tools and facilities for DirectAccess in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

              Walk you through the use of these tools and facilities for the working configuration of the test lab

For example, we show the display of the netsh namespace show effective command when the CLIENT1 computer is on the intranet, Internet, and HomeNet subnets.

              Walk you step-by-step through some DirectAccess troubleshooting scenarios using the troubleshooting tools and the content in the DirectAccess Troubleshooting Guide

In each of the troubleshooting scenarios, you deliberately break the DirectAccess configuration and then use DirectAccess troubleshooting tools and techniques to see the result and discover the root cause of the problem.

Note that this document is not designed to help you troubleshoot a misconfigured or non-working DirectAccess test lab. That is the role of the DirectAccess Troubleshooting Guide.

This new document is a part of a series of modular test lab guides for DirectAccess. The next DirectAccess test lab guide shows you how configure Network Access Protection (NAP) in the DirectAccess test lab.

If you are investigating DirectAccess and have set up a DirectAccess test lab according to the instructions in Step By Step Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess in a Test Lab, use this new document to learn about DirectAccess troubleshooting tools and techniques.


Joe Davies
Principal Technical Writer
The Windows Server Networking Documentation Team