Your customers want to be wowed when they walk into your store. Maybe instead of trying on clothes in dressing rooms, they want to sample hundreds of outfits just by looking at a tablet. Or maybe they’re looking for the perfect dinner recommendation—based on their specific taste profile. And they want to do it securely, without fear that their data could be hacked or stolen. You may be considering an upgrade to a tablet-based retail experience, especially if your technology is out of date, so here are a few things you’ll want to consider as you make that move.

Customer Experiences: Upgraded

Your retail customers want to be treated to an amazing shopping experience. If your employees are using tablets, your customers should walk away feeling like they’ve done something they couldn’t do somewhere else—that certain je ne sais quoi that says “I just touched the future.” That could be anything from paying securely with a chip to trying on outfits by swiping across a touchscreen to finding the perfect wine pairing based on their dinner choices and taste profile.

Windows 8.1 and MICROS’ point-of-sale experiences are designed to do exactly that. The same solutions that power the chip and PIN credit card reader can provide seamless, cross-device experiences for retailers seeking to enhance the experience of their customers.

For example, in a restaurant, waiters and managers have access to all the information they need, and the same devices can be used to take orders, show sports scores, or display menus to customers. Inventory is updated in real time, so managers can efficiently manage the kitchen and track everything from incoming orders to liquor supply.

Windows 8.1 and Chip and PIN Security

There are plenty of options for tablet-based card readers and commerce solutions—with the features that will keep your customers’ data safe. Windows 8.1’s enterprise-grade security is the first step in a hardware and OS solution. The second is full integration with a more secure solution than simply an outdated card reader: the chip and PIN technology already embraced in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia.

Microsoft partner MICROS is a leader in bringing chip and PIN technology to its integrated e-commerce hardware and software solutions, and many credit card companies are already introducing chip and PIN security to their United States customers. The additional piece of security translates directly into peace of mind—for you, your customers, and your business. If you have the option to implement an affordable and more secure solution now, rather than rolling the dice with an outdated solution, why would you take that chance?

Take Your Customers to the Future

Security-enabled peace of mind plus “touch the future” moments must be combined for today’s ideal retail experience. As you consider solutions for your retail space, you’ll want to make sure you’re planning for the future of e-commerce security, and that your customers walk away feeling the right combination of “wow” plus safety.

For more on how Microsoft and MICROS are creating new retail experiences, read about their recent announcements at the National Retailer Federation conference, and watch the video below or here.