You’re not a robot. You’re not software, you’re not a cog in a machine, and you’re not a soulless organization. Neither is your business. It’s composed of people, and what people want to do is interact with each other. Enterprise social networks enable person-to-person communication in ways that simply aren’t possible through email, conference calls, and inter-office faxes.

The ability for people to connect on a fundamental level and use what they like, know, and are excited about can only help your business. These examples show how a network like Yammer can drive person-to-person interaction and how an enterprise social network will help drive your business.

“Yammer gave me a voice.”

Billy Saqr at LexisNexis started as a student using the popular research database, and after graduation took a position at the company. He discovered that LexisNexis’ Yammer network gave him a unique opportunity to act as a bridge between the student community—a major portion of LexisNexis’ customers—and company leadership. He leveraged his hobbies and areas of interest into a voice that allowed him to share actionable insights with the leadership team, and in so doing helped LexisNexis improve from the ground up.

This is Billy’s story:

“Yammer helps me change the world.”

Ali Kenney, founder of Burton Snowboards’ sustainability program, used Yammer to turn her job into her dream job. A longtime proponent of sustainable practices, Kenney used Yammer to begin conversations within her company about how to improve their practices. These conversations turned into real-world change, and Kenney leveraged her passion into a new role—and a major step forward for Burton.

Watch Ali’s story here:

Everyone has something to share

What’s the best way to find the answer to a question when it isn’t in a published knowledge base? When you have hundreds or thousands of employees, the answer is tapping into the collective knowledge of your company, otherwise known as “crowdsourcing.” Pose your question to the network, and chances are, someone somewhere knows the answer. This is the power of person-to-person interaction.

See how it works:

Four ways an enterprise social network can help employees connect

Enabling person-to-person interactions through social networks like Yammer is super-simple. With these stories in mind, here are four ways an enterprise social network will help your employees connect:

1. By sharing knowledge. People with questions can crowdsource answers far easier than creating net-new materials (and crowdsourced answers can be used for new materials later).

2. By using personal passions in the office. Somewhere in your company, someone knows more about social media than your intern. Someone knows more about sustainability than a consultant. Find them and tap into their skills.

3. By keeping the lines of communication open. When communications are flat and not top-down, all employees are empowered to make suggestions and create real change. 

4. By giving them a conduit for what they naturally want to do: interact. People want to talk to each other, to share things and to be affirmed in what they share. Tap into this and reap the rewards of a connected company.