Enterprise social = improving the bottom line

Enterprise social = improving the bottom line

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 In 2013, Yammer hit an enormous milestone: 8 million users worldwide. That’s 8 million people contributing to the success of their company by sharing ideas, solutions, and innovations with everyone from office managers to CEOs.

Businesses who are using enterprise social solutions like Yammer are reaping the many benefits of a true open door policy. Here are a few ways using Yammer in your office could improve the bottom line, increase morale, and surface the next big idea.

Engaged & happy employees = more revenue

A recent study by Gallup found that 70% of US workers are “disengaged” at work and that it is costing the US economy $450–550 billion a year. As Gallup points out, the difference between engaged and disengaged employees can have a huge impact on profitability:

Organizations with an average of 9.3 engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee in 2010–2011 experienced 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) compared with their competition in 2011–2012. In contrast, those with an average of 2.6 engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee experienced 2% lower EPS compared with their competition during that same time period.

Yammer is a great way to start engaging employees in a way that can actually improve your business. Trust falls during teambuilding exercises are great, but actually giving employees a voice in important decisions can make a big difference.

Crowdsourcing = good ideas can see the light of day

Companies like Jamba Juice are also using Yammer to connect the different parts of their business. In this video you can see how Shawna Snyder used Yammer to bridge a gap between the support center and individual stores. Yammer also just so happened to help her improve her career because she was “able to get on the radar … I was confident with the information I was putting out there.”

Empowering people in the field to communicate with senior leadership in a seamless and professional way lets people like Shawna surface great ideas and make profitable change happen. Plus you won’t have to wait for employee reviews to figure out who is engaged and contributing and who isn’t.

Enterprise social = communication synergy

Recent improvements to the way Yammer and email work together can help streamline communications in your office. You can forward emails into Yammer and loop in non-Yammer users while making it possible for everyone to work together. Going forward, you won’t have to ask yourself, “Was that comment on social or was it in an email?”

Some non–digitally native employees may be apprehensive about using an enterprise social solution to represent themselves at work. Never fear, Yaminars are here! Yaminars are short informational training sessions used by companies big and small to get their employees started using Yammer. For a full list of Yaminars, visit the Learning Center of the Yammer Success Center.

Yammer tools = new ways to measure morale

If you want to take the integration of enterprise social at your business to the next level, check out this tool that uses the Yammer platform to gauge sentiment and morale. GoodData Yammer Analytics is an out-of-the-box solution to help administrators better understand a company's Yammer usage and maximize collaboration.

Interaction = engagement

The value of an enterprise social network is in keeping your employees engaged and giving them the tools to interact on their terms. As Yammer boldly marches towards 9 million users, it will continue to add additional tools and workflows to help organizations empower their employees.


  • This is a great article that focuses on the "Value" of Enterprise Social. If you're reading this, don't forget to also look into the "Adoption" and "Culture" challenges. I've summarized these 3 challenges in a blog article: http://petervanhees.com/2013/10/07/the-main-enterprise-social-network-challenges-value-culture-and-adoption-effort/

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