Word 2007 When Saving Word Document Reviewer name is changing to "Author" or "A1" etc

Word 2007 When Saving Word Document Reviewer name is changing to "Author" or "A1" etc

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Recently I worked with few support issues where users had documents with Track Changes enabled. When user make the changes in the document, it shows "username" who made the change. But as soon as they hit SAVE button to save the document, username is replace by either "Author" or "A1" etc.

Well the root cause of this issue is option "Remove Personal Information from File Properties on Saveis enabled.

To have your document save the username, uncheck this option. You can find this option under

Office Button|Word Options|Trust Center|Trust Center Settings|Privacy Option|Document Specific Settings

If you have mutiple documents where you want to uncheck this option, you can use following macro sample.

Note:- This Macro is an example to handle specific scenario. You probably need to modify this macro to meet your needs.  

WARNING: ANY USE BY YOU OF THE CODE PROVIDED IN THIS EXAMPLE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Microsoft provides this macro code "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose.

Sub RemoveInfo()
If ActiveDocument.RemovePersonalInformation = True Then
ActiveDocument.RemovePersonalInformation = False
End If

End Sub

  • Great tip!  I was scratching my head on this one.  Almost impossible to figure out on my own.

  • Thank you!! Spent 2 hours trying to figure this out

  • Thank you!!!!  I've been frustrated by this for so long--I shudder to consider how many hours this stupid issue has caused me to waste troubleshooting, fruitlessly searching through Word's help, Microsoft's help, and the rest of the internet.

  • I agree with Ramone, burying this feature 6 steps deep in the settings is ridiculous.  This should be the default setting.

  • Thank you SO much!!! Had me puzzled for quite some time...

  • Thanks a ton. Really helpful.

  • time saving simple solution..........

    great help....

  • Thank you SO MUCH! This was driving me crazy! Thank you sincerely for taking the time to share your knowledge. You answered a prayer!

  • Thanks!!

  • Thank you !!! Spent half a day to figure this out.

    How come this option is on in the first place...?

  • Had this problem in Version 2013, too. Your fix saved me tons of time; thanks!

  • Nice tip. Tough to crack otherwise.

  • great tip, I wasn't getting anywhere with Microsoft Word HELP.

  • How do I resolve this issue in Word 2010 when the option is grayed out?

  • Thank you!

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