Clarification on Availability of the Windows Vista RC1 Customer Preview Program

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Some sites out in the community have begun posting links to the Customer Preview Program (CPP) download of Windows Vista RC1.  Before you jump up to get your own download of RC1, please bear in mind these facts:

If you previously registered for the Windows Vista Beta 2 Customer Preview Program 2 and received a product key (PID), that key will work for the Windows Vista RC1 release as well.  You need not re-register; you will need to download the RC1 ISO image, however.  Microsoft has just today begun sending download links via email to previous Customer Preview Program participants who registered for Windows Vista Beta 2 back in June.  Not all emails are being sent simultaneously, so there may be a few hours' delay in delivery of yours.

The Customer Preview Program has yet to open back up for new registrants.  Therefore, if you do not already have a PID and were not part of June's Beta 2 CPP, you will need to wait until the CPP opens to the public in order to register for a PID and install RC1.  I expect that this will occur in the very near future, so keep watching this blog.

In other words:  if you choose to download RC1 now and weren’t part of the Beta 2 CPP in June, you must wait until the CPP is opened to the public before you'll be able acquire a PID that will enable you to install RC1.

Please be mindful of the above when making your decision to download.  I must confess that while I and everyone on the team certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for downloading, registering and testing RC1, posting comments to this or any other MS blog asking for product keys won’t get them to you any faster.  There's nothing I can do to accelerate the public availability of RC1; but, I can keep you informed, and pledge to do exactly that.

So, once the RC1 Customer Preview Program officially opens up to new registrations, you can expect a post here letting you know.  Thanks for your patience in the interim :)

  • I am in the CPP that started in June. Will the cdkey be emailed with the download for RC1 because I sure some people have probably deleted there email with the beta 2 key. I know I did.

  • Yes, your key should be in the email you will receive.  However, you can go ahead and download it now, and install it.  It will install without a key and work for 14 days. If you install without a key it will ask you which version you want to install- Ultimate, of course.  Then, when you receive your email- enter your key.  Your key tells the OS which version it should be.  The keys are Ultimate versions.

    Or, if you still have Beta2 installed, you can recover your key by using one of these two programs.  I prefer the first one, SIW.  Either one will tell you your key.  In SIW,
    look under Software/Secrets.

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  • Hm. I've been a part of the CPP since June, and I've got my key and such, but I cant' seem to find a download link to RC1 on the Windows Vista site. It says refer to a recent email, which I did not recieve. Am I the only one who missed this?

    Thanks for the clarification too!

  • >Wednesday, September 06, 2006 7:19 PM by Nitz
    >Hm. I've been a part of the CPP since June,
    >and I've got my key and such, but I cant' seem
    >to find a download link to RC1 on the Windows
    >Vista site. It says refer to a recent email,
    >which I did not recieve. Am I the only one who
    >missed this?

    Same here!  Checked my spam filter and it's not there either.  Any hope of being offered up a download link to RC1?  We're anxious to test it.  TIA.

  • Any idea when RC1 will be posted to MSDN or TechNet subscribers?

    - Paul [113506]

  • Well, I downloaded RC1, installed and started using it, and it's great - except - where is Mobile Device Center? My PocketPC hasn't been synchronized in ages, since I started using Vista as my main OS. I've been missing appointments all around the place :-P

    I have an Ipaq rx3715 (with Windows Mobile 2003 SE), and while it never worked with Mobile Device Center before, I was hoping that by RC1 it could finally work - but alas...... it doesn't.

    Dear Vista Team - any idea when can we expect to see the Mobile Device Center in action, and how will we be able to get it?

  • Windows Vista RC1 Download

  • I've been in Beta 2 since June.. im using build 5384 right now.. I've never been given the chance to update.

    I've chosen to use this as my primary OS.. and im getting Blue Screens like crazy with this buildm I really need to update!

    I have recieved no email whatsoever.. this is starting to get frusterating! I've tried to download from this link: , but IE7 is not letting me download from Akamai and I've tried downloading direct to my browser, which it says I need an email which I have not recieved.

    Please help! Build 5384 is horrible and I need a update!

  • If you have Firefox use it to download Vista.  Amazingly, for those having trouble using IE7, Firefox does the trick

  • Microsoft has released Windows Vista Release Candidate 1. Anyone can download it from here, but you'll need one of the product keys issued during the Beta 2 Customer Preview Program to install it. The Preview Program will reopen "in the...

  • Does Avalon support all audio-video formats supported by DirectShow? or only WMV, MPEG and some AVIs as some Avalon bloggers are saying?

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