About the Windows Vista Blog


About the Windows Vista Blog

Hi, my name's Nick White.  I work on the Windows Vista Launch Team and manage this, the Windows Vista blog.  The purpose of this blog, which is ultimately my own purpose, is to provide you the reader with information on Windows Vista and associated products and technologies that you cannot otherwise get anywhere else.  This includes insight into the development process, points of view from our partners, customers and people on the Windows Vista team at Microsoft, and context or "backstory" that explains why the product is the way it is today, and how it got to be that way.

To that end, I'll seek to initiate conversations with all sorts of people who touch Windows Vista on a regular basis and add their own personal imprint to it.  I'll interview people intimately involved in some part of Windows Vista and relay to you their stories about how they've affected the product.  And sometimes we'll even feature guest columnists who provide that perspective in their own words. 

It's all in an effort to provide you with the information you need to be a more informed Windows Vista user. 

My hope is that the insight and analysis provided via this blog will spark interesting and useful conversations for everyone who visits.  I expect some of the commentary the blog receives to be controversial or even critical in nature, but that's the nature of the beast in the blogoshpere.  Although I'm not able to personally respond to every comment and email generated here, you can rest assured that your feedback is reviewed and relayed to the Windows Vista product development team on a regular basis.  (That's a big part of the reason for creating this blog in the first place.)

It's not necessary for you to contribute, but I'd love it if you did.  There a few protocols to follow that are outlined here, but if we each remember to keep the conversation stimulating while remaining respectful, we'll all get the most out of it.

Drop me a line if you've got the time, or better yet, post a comment to the blog!

-- Nick

nicholas <dot> white <at> microsoft <dot> com