In einer Technet Video Bibliothek (Im Rahmen der Jumstart Serie) gibt es interessante Videos, ich denke nicht nur für VMware Spezialisten, obwohl der Titel drauf schließen lässt:

“Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals” Jump Start

The “Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals” Jump Start is specially tailored for VMware and Microsoft virtualization technology pros. This cutting-edge course features expert instruction and real-world demonstrations of Hyper-V, many components of the System Center Suite, including VMM 2012, and a myriad of VDI solutions. This course is designed for Data Center Managers, IT Professionals, IT Decision Makers, Network Administrators, Storage/Infrastructure Administrators & Architects. Expert IT infrastructure consultant, Corey Hynes, and Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Symon Perriman, leveraged an engaging "team teaching" approach which makes the class as entertaining as it is educational.


Viel Spaß