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January, 2009

  • Announcing Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta!

    For homo sapiens, getting older is painful. Take me for example. Nine hours on a plane never bothered me when I was in my 20s with a rubber backbone. But a couple of weeks out from birthday # 43 and one cross-country airplane ride translates into a sudden...
  • Guest Post: Marathon and Microsoft fault tolerant computing

    Hi, my name is Jerry Melnick. I am chief technology officer at Marathon Technologies. Today we announced an expanded development and marketing agreement with Microsoft that underscores industry recognition of the growing need to eliminate downtime for your most important applications. Working together, Marathon and Microsoft will bring sophisticated fault tolerant availability technology to Windows Server and Hyper-V. In a nutshell, this collaboration is all about making it a lot easier for a lot more companies to get cost-effective, easy-to-deploy fault tolerance for their critical Windows applications. I wanted to use this blog post to answer two questions: why this announcement matters and how could it impact your role managing your Windows infrastructure. There are two key factors that are driving the increased need for Windows-based fault tolerant computing. First, more customers are relying on Windows Server to run their mission critical applications, and the number of these applications is increasing. Second, with the growing popularity of server virtualization (where applications are being consolidated onto fewer servers) the impact of downtime is often magnified. Fault tolerant computing is becoming more relevant than ever.

  • Brand New Comprehensive Resource for IIS 7.0

    After months of hard work, the IIS development team has put together a brand new technical reference on IIS 7.0 configuration . This vast library comprehensively details all IIS 7.0 configuration settings in Windows Server 2008, including configuration...